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Fighting PCOS || Weigh In Wednesday || 1

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So it's just been a little over a month since I had my first soft diagnosis of PCOS at my doctor's office. I still don't have a for sure answer since my blood test came back inconclusive and I don't have my first OB/GYN appointment until November 13th. But with working with PCOS as the answer, I've made some pretty big life changes that have already started giving me results!!

Fighting PCOS || Weigh In Wednesday || 1 || You & Me Chasing Little G

Hormonal Support

So as I've already said before, I started essential oils to start eliminating hormone imbalancing synthetic chemicals from my home a few months ago. But as I did some more research, I realized that I could do even more with them! Young Living has a whole set of oils that are just for supporting your hormones. So I got them! I started putting Progenessence Plus on my neck every morning and night. Dragon time is supporting me as I plan to start my period right now (and feels a million times better than midol when rubbed on my back for cramps!). I also have the oil endoflex that I haven't used yet, but plan to impliment into my daily schedule as well. 

Changing My Diet

While oils are certainly helping, my biggest and most impactful change this month has been in cutting dairy, gluten, and about 80% of the sugar out of my diet. I also have IBS and these changes made me feel amazing. I had been drinking or rubbing the oil Digize on for my stomach issues multiple times a day and it certainly seemed to help, but just with eliminating these foods, I barely even need Digize to feel like a normal human being. Though when I do splurg on a pizza or too much sugar, digize is there to make me feel better! 

I'm not going to say that these giant diet changes are easy. Honestly, I'm an incredibly picky eater so even finding meals that I will enjoy without these things is rough. Finding a recipes that sounds amazing and is 100% gluten AND dairy free AND low on sugar? Sometimes seems impossible. But we've been able to manage. There are some smaller things I could also include in my diet that I just haven't started yet, but right now this is becoming comfortable.

So what have all these changes done?

For one, I feel a million times better. My stomach is pissed off at me constantly anymore.

Two, my acne is clearing up. I can always tell when my homormones aren't doing too hot because suddently my face breaks out like no other and it takes forever to get it to calm down.

November 1st, 2017 Weigh In

Three, I've lost 12 pounds since my first doctors appointment! Which is amazing! I honestly couldn't see a way of loosing more weight that didn't involve me finding a ton of time to spend hard core working out. Which right now just doesn't fit in my schedule (hello, full time job, side hustle, and large zoo of animals in my house!) But honestly just a diet change did so much!

Starting Weight: 225.9

November 1st: 213.8

What are my PCOS goals for November?


This is something I often let fall to the wayside. Just because I don't like to spend time on myself when I could be spending my time doing other things. Like Netflix binging. Or taking care of my mammals. But I want to impliment a weekly bath and facial night. I think that will go a long ways in eliminating stress and helping my horomones. And obviously from the photo above, I need some pedicure time. That paint is from when my friend came out and we got pedicures back in July!

Work Out Plan

Now as I said above, I don't have time to become an America Ninja Warrior in a few months. But starting with some low intensity home work outs 15 minutes a day and yoga before bed sounds do-able. I just have to get myself to do it! But I believe that it will help me on this journey. One of the main fighters of PCOS is loosing the weight that PCOS made you gain! 

So, are there any other PCOS Warrior's here reading with me? If so, I'd love to learn how you are changing your life in light of PCOS!

Starting My Journey with Oils

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I’ve always been a strong believer in western medicine. Practically to the point of carrying a pharmacy in my purse. I had my midol, exedrin migraine, ibphrophen, and don’t forget the Benedryl! And that’s just the beginning. If it was winter, I usually had cough drops, nyquil and dayquil stocked up like it was going out of style!

But that’s all changing now.

Last November, I was in my best friends wedding. And I had a massive cold. Couldn’t talk, constantly coughing, just all around miserable kind of cold that dayquil and nyquil just weren’t treating it at all.

Luckily, my best friend’s new mother in law had a solution! She brought me over a warm tea of oils. Which I drank and gargled as ordered, even though I had no faith that it would actually help. How could little plant oils help me where my medicine had failed me??

But I made it through the rehearsal dinner with minimal coughing or sneezing, had the best sleep of my life, and spent the whole day in the freezing cold in a dress just fine. And was still able to make my matron-of-honor speech the next night without my cold getting in the way. Then I also danced the night away and just plain started feeling a million times better after the tea!

Suddenly, I was incredibly interested in getting my own oils to use!! But once I started researching, I realized how expensive they were.

So I didn’t get them right away.

Blog Pinnable Image.jpg

And then they started popping up everywhere for me. And I started seeing how much better they were for my skin and body. I saw an app called Think Dirty and started scanning all the items in my home and seeing how bad they were for me! Especially with my obvious hormone imbalance, the amount of products in our home that we had that were also messing with my hormones terrified me!

So I started researching the different companies and finally settled back onto Young Living Essential Oils. I love that they cultivate and grow their own plants under the very strict regulations for their Seed to Seal guarantee to make sure everything is as pure and wonderful as it can be. And even if someone in the company does mess up, Young Living does self-audits to find and fix the problem as soon as possible. They are also a Christian company who does wonderful things to support the world and help in disaster relief.

Guys. I love these oils.

So Much.


I use them every day, multiple times a day. Start my day with oily tea and end my day with a sleepy time roller and diffuser blend.

And I can’t wait to start sharing all these recipes with you! Now you could wait around to see a few more of my oily blog posts and see how they’ve completely changed my life first, or you could jump right in and order your own and learn your own fun oily recipes!

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Getting Diagnosed with PCOS

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Well, there we have it. A beginning diagnosis to the years of pain and confusion that I've had so far on this journey. Someone was finally willing to see my history and give a diagnosis instead of a simple, "You're young, your body will figure itself out." Can you believe that I've actually had two doctors say that to me before? They weren't going to help me because Simeon and I had decided we wanted children young. I was 23 and we had already been trying for a year when I heard those words. They did simple blood tests but said everything looked normal, here take these pills to jumpstart your period this month and your body will do the rest.

Getting Diagnosed with PCOS || You & Me Chasing LIttle G

They were so wrong. Here I am two years later with all the same symptoms that I've always had and my new doctor looked at me and said: "We're gonna do a blood test to confirm, but just from that list, I'm positive you have polycystic ovarian syndrome."

And finally, I had an answer.

I didn't just have, "your body will figure it out" anymore.

I got, your body won't figure it out on your own, but you can do something about it. I don't have to watch all my dreams of carrying my own child go out the window. People with PCOS with weight loss and the right diet and exercise can naturally have a baby. My doctor even told me to take it one step further and go to an OBGYN who can also help with medication to get my body on the right track cause even he agreed that I'd waited long enough.

Now, since he is sending me on to another doctor, he didn't go into super detail on the differences that I should make. He mostly admitted that this isn't his expertise and he would prefer my OBGYN to go into detail. So he left me hanging.

And I started researching on my own.

PCOS can sound insanely scary. It not only leads to infertility but can increase my chances of heart attack and diabetes! It turns almost everything I eat directly into stored fat instead of energy. And to prevent this, many sites say to stop eating all of my favorite things.

Like no dairy, I really like dairy. I drink at least a glass of milk a day and adore cheese. And cottage cheese.

And no gluten, I have never understood how gluten could be bad for people. And now here I am, one of those people who can't have gluten.

Or sugar, do you know how hard it is to avoid sugar these days?

And I'm a picky eater. Which makes me terrified about what I'll eat now and how this will go. It's going to be a lot of trial and error and probably not doing everything perfectly. I'll probably still have some dairy here and there. And probably some gluten. And I can almost guarantee sugar. I can live without many processed foods, but bacon? that will be staying in my diet for sure. 

But its a start. I finally have some answers to start working on to correct. I can see a future again on this path where I had honestly started to give up hope. Even Simeon had noticed. I had started researching adoption and embryo adoption more and more.  But now I have hope again that we can have our own genetic little gilbert. Not that we will never adopt down the line, but it has always been my dream to carry our child. And I've wanted it so bad.

So, I'd love to hear any recipes you know of that are gluten, dairy, and sugar-free! I've also heard the Paleo or Keto diets work as well!

Have you ever had to majorly change your diet? 

Getting Back to Healthy

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Getting Back to Healthy || by You & Me Chasing Little G || A post about the ways I'm trying to get back to a healthier me using essential oils, meditation, and fitness.

5|| Getting More Active

This has been the hardest one for me! After a day of being mentally exhausted at work, I don’t really like to then get physically exhausted. I like to cuddle up on the couch with my dogs, ca,t and husband and turn on some random show we are watching. BUT I know that isn’t healthy for me all the time.

So while we definitely do that a lot, we’ve also gotten a little better at getting up and moving. Like going to the dog park and taking a few laps around the park while the dogs walk beside us or play with another dog a few feet away. Or going to Holmes Lake and taking a mile walk around the lake with two dogs.

I also bought a bike. That I’m trying to get myself to ride to and from work. But sometimes I forget to leave myself time to actually ride a bike to work and I don’t do it. On the days, I know that I won’t ride a bike, I also try to fit a quick workout in. But that is even less successful at the moment. But baby steps, I’ll get where I want to be someday as long as I give myself grace.

4|| Sticking to an Early Bedtime

Maybe it's because I've been also getting up earlier as well, but I can easily go to bed really early anymore. Like 10:30 pm is way too late. I am basically falling asleep on the couch if we aren't already getting the dogs settled in their crates and heading to bed by 10:30.

This new habit came the easiest for me, which seemed really weird since I’ve always seen myself as a night owl. But once I started kicking pop out of my diet, suddenly it was a million times easier to fall asleep early and wake up early to start getting things done. And it’s been pretty easy to stick to the routine once I got started because my body naturally starts telling me that it is bedtime.

Sometimes, even if I am really tired, I’ll still fight it to fit a few more episodes of Game of Thrones in right now, but I try to avoid those cheat nights as often as possible since my body still won’t let me sleep in once morning comes.

3|| Less Processed Foods

I’ve been trying to come home more to eat my lunch instead of picking up Casey’s Pizza or going out to KFC or McDonald’s for lunch. Actually, at the moment, I have both of those completely cut out of my schedule and constantly come home for lunch.

We’ve been trying to make many of our meals from scratch as well instead of using pre-boxed recipes or eating something we can just throw in the oven. It’s a struggle since I get home so late to always get something going, but Simeon and I are working together to try to make it easier for both of us by both cooking. Though some season’s it feels like I am barely getting to cook and some it feels like he is barely helping. Schedules are weird when Simeon is in school and I’m working a full-time job that I often don’t get home until 7 from.

We haven’t gone entirely crazy and eliminated all foods that are technically bad for us, but we are slowly trying to make better choices and making yummy smoothies for breakfast.

2|| More Self-Care

Homemade Body Scrub with You & Me Chasing LIttle G

Ok, so this one I’m technically still working on. I’m trying to make more time to care just for myself than trying to get everything done. I’m taking time to take long baths and relax. Getting myself to read again, which I love but haven’t done in a really long time. Trying out meditation to ground myself for the day. And rolling on all the stress away when work seems to be too much instead of just powering through.

I’m also trying to get myself to the doctors. I have my first appointment for this Friday to do a general health exam and get some fertility referrals. So we will see how that goes. We really hope to start getting some answers and figuring things out so we can know what our options are from here on out.

1|| Essential Oil Routines

Young Living Essential Oils with Sabra

One of the big things that I've been working on this summer is striping my house of synthetic chemicals! I’ve changed out our laundry with homemade detergent and wool balls for fabric softener. I no longer use store-bought shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body scrub or face soap!

Along with those things, I’ve ditched caffeine with the help of daily morning lemon/digize water and an en-r-gee roller ball that I just roll behind my ears anytime I need a pickup. It’s been working wonders for me! And I sleep well through the night with a sleep time roller over my feet before bed and lavender in the diffuser.

What are your favorite things to do to relax and care for yourself?

Life with a Cat

The Gilbert ZooSabra GilbertComment

So I am a total dog and critter person. Cats have never really been what I am in love with. Sure, they can be crazy adorable and I would want to bring one home, but I've always been able to stop myself easily. 

Until little Odette came into the picture.


I  came to work one Saturday morning and went about work as usual. Headed to the back to get one of the animal care staff to ask them a question about a dog and heard this tiny little high pitched meow coming out of the vet's office. Sitting in a kennel with a stray cat tag is this tiny, little 3 week old,  white and black, three week old kitten. Crazy hungry. I had someone show me how to try to feed her and I was done from there. She was coming home with me to foster, even though I had told Simeon we would take a small break from fostering.

Then it was a few weeks of every two or three hour feedings, even through the night. Having her little kennel "room" come back and forth with me from work so I could spend my breaks feeding her as well. Oh, she was so tiny back then. And so needy for such a little one. Did you know that not only do you have to feed a little one like that, but you also have to help them go to the bathroom? Like make them pee and poop by stimulating their butt. It's kinda gross. 

Then I was able to start letting her eat by herself. Which was so amazing. I could finally sleep at night and let her feed herself! The little stinker didn't even want the little in between gruel that we usually would have worked up to wet food from.  She went straight for the wet food and still loves it like crazy. She then upgraded from a tiny little carrier crate to a storage tub with a tiny litter box. Which she used right away which was truly amazing! She still needed some formula and help going potty here and there but we slowly were able to start acting like a normal kitten and do everything by herself soon.

Then she grew too big even for her little storage tub loft, but luckily was finally large enough to not slip through our doggy playpen slits. So she got a larger play area with a regular litter box in the living room. Odette and Fox still couldn't play together much because Fox plays so rough and she was still so little, even though she was getting so big. And by this time, not only was I in love with her, but Simeon was as well! 

By the time she hit two pounds, the weight that meant it was time to take her in to get her spay, we both knew there was no way we weren't going to be the ones to adopt her. We had fallen in love with the little turd. (I have a theory that Simeon only loves the things that will annoy him the most.)

So over Thanksgiving, she went back to the shelter to get spayed and micro-chipped. And then that following Monday, she came back home with me as her new mama. Unfortunately, she then had to spend two weeks in a bathroom, mostly by herself to heal from her spay. She didn't like that. But I didn't want Fox pouncing her and splitting open her stitches. Or trying to jump onto the table and ripping them open. 

And then the real fun began. Seriously, the playing between Odette and Fox never seems to end. And she likes to think that she is the queen of the house. And wins a good portion of the time. 

We begin every morning with her running up to me and begging for food and attention. She gets free fed and has a full bowl at all times. But only gets a spoonful of wetfood a day. I try to switch up if it will be morning or evening or randomly through the day to try to get her to stop begging for wet food all the time. But alas, it hasn't worked so far. 

She also likes getting her morning snuggles. If she doesn't get morning snuggles, she honestly gets really cranky with me and starts meowing or pawing your leg until you pick her up.

Now that we've added Ashe to the household, she's a little upset with us. While Ashe was really respectful of Odette's queenly state in the beginning, Ashe has decided she wants to play with Odette constantly now, even if Odette is like oh hell no. So we're working on bringing the peace back into our home again. But that happens when you own a zoo. :)