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Wife Talk Wednesday

#WifeTalkWendesday: Dividing Up the Holidays

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When I announced this new series a few weeks ago, I had many ask for me to talk about how Simeon and I divide up the holidays. 

Holidays are always a hard discussion to have. We've spent our entire lives (until our significant other walks into our lives) with only having to worry about seeing our own family on the holidays, which as a child of a divorced family was enough to handle. But event hat was court decided so I didn't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings when I didn't spend a holiday with them, it was figured out beforehand and out of my control. Even when I start college, my holidays were pretty decided by my days off of school. If my siblings had to leave for my dad's the day of one of my exams, I obviously couldn't go. I would spend it with my mom and if She was with my stepdad's family, I would spend it wtih Simeon's family. Pretty easy.

#WifeTalkWednesday: Dividing Up the Holidays || Becoming Sabra GIlbert

But then came the year the Simeon and I were engaged and we started trying to coordinate holiday family visits. With only two family's to please, I think we could have come up wtih a fun and easy schedule. But with my family already being two parts, we had to find a way to divide two major holidays into threes. As if that wouldn't have been difficult enough, my family is pretty spread out! My parents also like to visit my grandparents for major holidays: one set of grandparents lives in Colorado while another lives in Illinois, and Simeon's family usually stays in South Dakota. 

What we've usually decided to do is to divide up one holiday while spending the other traveling.

Two years ago, we traveled to Illinois for Thanksgiving with my Dad  and then spent Christmas divided up with Mom one day and the Gilbert's the other. This past year, we were actually able to stay in South Dakota for the majority of the holidays. My grandparents came out for Thanksgiving, and then we divided Christmas up with my mom and Simeon's parents again.

This next year is the year I think if going to be the hardest! We will have moved to . . .somewhere and won't have a giant traveling budget after a year of traveling to different towns to tour schools and find apartments and then actually making the move. We will have only been settled in a few months when Thanksgiving hits and then Christmas is right after that.

How do you split up the holidays?

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#WifeTalkWednesday: Why I Game with My Husband

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I'm writing this post insanely late today! It's been pretty crazy figuring out how to balance everything while working at home. And I'm still working on trying to figure out how to schedule myself correctly. So let's dive into today's post, even if it is super late!

Welcome to Wife Talk Wednesday! 

#WifeTalkWednesday: Why I Game with My Husband || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

There are many things that can be hard when you first get married. A giant transition for those of us who didn't move in together before marriage is figuring out how to share our living space with this crazy boy who I've now vowed to deal with my entire life. 

Some things are extremely easy! Working together to put together your new place. Figuring out when to go grocery shopping and what you're going to eat.

And some things are way more difficult. Like figuring out a bathroom schedule. Dealing with a morning person when you are a night owl (or vice versa). And figuring out what you are both gonna do together or apart in your free time. 

Before Simeon and I were married, I thought I knew what Simeon did with his free time. And then we got married and were together 24/7 except for work and class. Then I realized how much time Simeon and I didn't actually spend together. 

Suddenly, we had all this time to spend together. Those hours between waking up and having to be somewhere. The time in between classes or in between class and work. And all those late night hours.

As a newlywed, I thought it would be obvious that we just do everything else that we had always done together, but then I realized that all those activities weren't going to be enough.

My Simeon is a pretty big nerd. He loves gaming of any kind. On his computer. On his phone. On our Wii. And don't forget board games as well! And I knew this! His bachelor part was hosted at a gaming place with other gamer friends in Omaha where they played board games and computer games all night long. 

So I quickly realized that one of the best ways to be able to spend time together would be to join in!

When we first got married, Simeon's game of choice was League of Legends. It has honestly been a lot of fun to play together (we are both very competitive) and to have him teach me. We were able to bond over learning the lingo, working as a team together ( I would play the carry and Simeon would be my support *insert heart emoji's here*), and we were to be healthily competitive with each other as well!

5 Reason's Why You Should Game Too

1|| You get to spend even more time with your husband.

2|| Gaming is a great stress reliever (and it is more fun to end a debate with who wins a game than a screaming match!)

3|| It's a different way to learn to be a team together.

4|| You look pretty cool to your husband's friends.

5||  It's actually really, really fun!!

What hobbies have you tried with your hubby? Have any recommendations for #WifeTalkWednesday? I'd love to hear them below!

Introducing: Wife Talk Wednesday

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I'm extremely excited to be introducing Wife Talk Wednesday! I thought it would be fun to have a regular installment every week to talk about different things in married life. I plan to cover the serious topics to the crazy topics from setting boundaries with your husband while you work at home to why I game with my husband!

Introducing: #WifeTalkWednesday || Becoming Sabra GIlbert

Marriage is a crazy adventure. Which leads to finding yourself in a ton of crazy situations that you didn't expect beforehand. Trying to balance who washes the dishes and who cleans the toilet, figuring out how to share a bed with a blanket hog, or finding out how to balance working and home life. (Is it just me or does that only ever seem to be a problem for woman?)

First up, Why I Play League of Legends with My Husband (even when I suck at computer games!)

But I would also love to hear questions and topics from you as well! Are you married and need some advice? Not married and just curious about something?

Send me an email at