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#WifeTalkWednesday: Creating Habits with Your Husband

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The beginning of every year is when people start to try to  create new habits to better their new year. Trying to change something about yourself can be hard to begin with but even worse if the one person who is beside you all the time isn't supporting you. Though it is a million times easier when that person isn't only supporting you, but doing it with you! 

Though, obviously, you have to choose habits that your husband is interested in as well! This can be something extremely fun to brainstorm with your husband and can cover a plethora of things. Though sometimes there are so many options that you don't know where to start, so let me give you a few ideas!

#WifeTalkWednesday: Creating Habits with Your Husband

5 Habits to Start with Your Husband

1|| Daily Devotions Together

2|| Quit Soda & Over-snacking

3|| Work Out Together

4|| Read more

5||  Being Present & Turning off Phones

I truly believe that the best way to start creating a habit with your husband is to start with with a goal that both you and your husband are excited to get started. And one that you both see the benefits to start. If only one of you is excited and the other person is kind of hesitant, then it isn't going to be as strong commitment for both of you. 

Then you have to find a way to keep yourselves accountable for whatever goal you are both trying to reach. You can make it a competition: who can reach the highest step count each day, who can reach their water goal the most in a week (did you know that reaching water goals is really really really hard?). You can do the activity together: both picking the same reading time (like right before bed), working out together, or putting both of your phones in the same basket during a set time. You could also print out calendars and mark which days you remember to do something or what your goal is for each day.

Other than keeping each other accountable, you also have to find ways to celebrate when you hit certain points in reaching your goals! Maybe after a really good week of hitting water goals or meeting a weight goal, you can go get a celebratory ice cream cone. Finish a good book, reward yourself with going and buying a new book, or surprising your husband with a giftcard when he finishes his (the only way I can get Simeon anything is through gift cards! The money has to be already spent and very directed! :))