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The Weekender Project || 27

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Long time, no see! :) Hopefully that's about to change, but in all honestly, how many times have I said that before? I feel like its the curse of the blogger. To want to be more present on their blogs, but then of course life gets in the way.

Though I can't tell you how completely amazing it feels to have my fingers back on the keyboard and sharing whats been going on for the first time in what feels like forever. I've got some plans to hopefully make a big come back on this blog, but of course we will have to see if time actually allows. Between a full time job (and currently getting a lot of overtime!), Fox, our foster babies,  and trying to keep MPD going as well, it can get pretty crazy around here. 

But hopefully, things are starting to slow down a bit. I'm starting to figure out how to manage all our big changes just a little bit better, and I can't wait to share with you! But today, today i share my goals for the weekend!

The Weekender Project || 27 with Becoming Sabra Gilbert

1|| Finally Finish the Bedroom

We've lived here for a little over two months and still our bedroom looks just like the night we moved in. Some tubs full of book sitting in the middle of it. Dresser just thrown in the corner but not even nicely placed there. And a suitcase full of socks still sitting on Fox's kennel.

2|| Move the Foster Kitties to my Bathroom

So litter box training isn't going the best for these four little kittens. And I'm really getting tired of cleaning up poop from my office carpet. I've been told if I give them a smaller, easier to clean space, hopefully they will catch onto going to the litter box a little faster. Luckily, Sim and I have two bathrooms so I'm going to move all my stuff into Simeon's bathroom and then move the kittens into my bathroom. Hopefully, it works!

3|| Stock up on Blog Posts for the Next Few Weeks

I actually feel like I have a handle on crazy household stuff and really want to dive into this blog again. I know that I can't write posts on the spot anymore. I just don't have the daily time to do that, but I would love to spend a day writing blog posts and scheduling them out to be enjoyed. So much easier!