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The Weekender Project || 24

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

April has been crazy. I hope to be able to talk about it more later on, but for now, i just have to wade through all the craziness. Thank you for baring with me through all of this!! 

Last Week's Goals

1|| Pack up 8 Boxes - Done & delivered to my parents house!

2|| Completely Restructure MPD - I have my ideas but haven't actually started designing.

3|| Narrow Down Housing Options - Done - We are visiting a few places on Monday that look extremely promising and I'm excited!

4|| Groom the Fluffbutt - All done! But he already needs another bath since it has been raining most of this week and he still needs to be run at the dog park. Which is ridiculously muddy. 

The Weekender Project || 24 - Becoming Sabra Gilbert

This Week's Goals

1|| Pick an Apartment

This weekend, we are heading to Nebraska to go to a fun bridal shower and then looking at apartments with Fox all day on Monday!! We are hoping to look at around four different places and I'm hoping that we will be able to make a decision after seeing them all!

2|| Pack up all the boxes

We will hopefully be spending next weekend finishing moving everything to my parents house for our month's stay there! Which means, not only am I having to organize for one move right now, but two! Which makes packing a little difficult since I have to decide what we can live a month without and what I will need with me. While also keeping what I need limited to what can fit in my high school bedroom! Oh, and don't forget that Fox and Simeon have to fit too!

3|| Finish all current MPD Projects

Because of some completely crazy things this past month, I had to extend work times on a few projects for MPD, luckily with fantastic clients who were all for it. But now I need to buckle down and get these off my docket so I feel comfortable taking on new clients after my MPD revamp!

4|| Get the MPD revamp started!

Getting packages and an inspiration board for my new design are my main goals this week!