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Photography for Bloggers: Stock Photo Checklist

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Stock photos are all the rage right now! It isn't that hard to go on Pintrest and find at least 5 different graphics that use some form of the same photo from a stock photo site. Free stock photo sites make it even easier for people to have the same photo for different blog posts. Honestly, I'm  not a fan. 

I would rather make my own stock photo pile, which I've talked about before in this post. You have photos to use in a pinch and they are completely unique from what other bloggers are using! I find that you can also easily brand the elements of your photo if you are the one buying the props and setting them up!

But I'm not here today talk about why you should make your own stock photography! I'm here to help give you a checklist of photos that you might like for various topics you can blog about! Many of these photos can be changed for different topics AND you get to make them all your own! 

Photography For Bloggers: Stock Photography Checklist with FREE PRINTABLE

For Business/Blogging Posts

  • Full Desk Shot
  • Top Desk Shot
  • Closed Laptop on White Surface
  •  Keyboard with Desk Supplies
  • Bookshelf
  • Pretty Plant on White Surface
  • Planner with Desk Supplies
  • Legal Pad with Desk Supplies
  • Flowers on Desk


For Novel Writing/Book Reviews

  • Coffee Mug on Table
  • Stack of Books
  • Piles of Notebooks & Pens
  • Candle Burning by a laptop

For Photography Posts

  • Examples of Your Work
  • Your Camera & Laptop
  • Of Someone Taking a Photo

For Cooking/Recipe Posts

  • Pots & Pans on the Stove
  • Close Up of a Pot
  • Cutting Board with Veggies
  • Set Dining Room Table

For Relationship Posts

  • Your Favorite Wedding Photos (with permission)
  • Couple Holding Hands
  • Wedding Bands
  • Flowers in a Vase

For Fitness Posts

  • Workout Gear
  • Yoga Gear
  • Someone doing Yoga
  • Some walking with Workout Duffle bag
  • Healthy Snack and Water bottle with Yoga mat
  • Stack of Workout DVD's

I would love to see what you do with this checklist! Leave your photos in the comments or tag @sabra.gilbert on Instagram!