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June Dreaming & Braindump

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

June is about to be a crazy month. Ugh, I totally thought that I was done saying that. Things had seemed to slow down after graduating but with the move and Simeon starting grad school right around the corner, everything is going a little crazy again. 

This month will hold a million different changes.

Moving to a new apartment, city, STATE!! 

Moving to an actual city. . . that I'm a little nervous about. Driving in a place that busy and that I don't know at all. Oy. I'm not looking forward to it at all. 

I'll be finding a part time job to make sure that we have a stable income while Simeon starts school. It will help ease some of the stress off of Simeon, though I'm a little nervous about leaving Fox at home alone and how I'll be able to balance a part time job, MPD, and this blog along with the responsibilities of home and Fox.

Simeon starts grad school. I've been told that it wont actually be that great for me. That he will constantly be busy and I'll never see him or he will be studying all the time. So. . . yay. 

SImeon turns 23!! The day after he starts grad school so I'm not 100% sure what we are going to do to celebrate or if we will have to celebrate early or what. I'm not even sure what we will do to celebrate since we will still be doing all the fun move in stuff and buying all the things that you have to when you move to a new place.

Fox turns 5 months! He is getting huge people. HUGE! Much bigger than Snickers already and getting close to Kya's size. We will have to find all the new places to take him out and about. I'm excited to take him to the giant dog park with creeks now that he has decided that water isn't that bad. We bought him a little pool and he loves running in and out of it. Though it's a little too small for him to really play in so he likes the daycare blow up pool a lot more. . . which may or may not have lead to a deflated pool. . . I really hope that he will take to swimming now! And be better with baths! I guess we will find that out tomorrow though!

I'm worried that Fox is going to take moving really hard. He's grown quite attached to Snickers and Kya and my mom, so I'm pretty sure that we are gonna have to try to keep him super busy for the first week so that he doesn't pout very much. And he will probably be spoiled rotten with at least three new toys and treats if we're being honest here. He got like 5 toys when we just moved out of our apartment alone! So. . . yeah. Spoiled puppy. 

Speaking of our new apartment though, I'm insanely excited to start decorating. Our new bedding came in yesterday (with a big dry clean only tag on it. . . so that will be fun!) and now we just have to settle in on some sheets. We bought our first adult couch as well as a nice dresser for our new room! I'm a little nervous about if the bedding will go with the dresser since I couldn't exactly remember what the dresser looked like when I  purchased the bedding. But it's a lot of neutrals so now I have to figure out some little pops of color. Or maybe I'll just leave it neutral and calm in the bedroom. We'll see! But the living room is going to be fun! While the couch is a pretty grey, I've already got plans to recover our chair and make pillows for the couch with this GORGEOUS, LOUD fabric that Simeon and I found and fell in love with. I'll have to take pictures and tell you all about our little chair recovering journey. 

Ok, I've probably talked your ear (well, er, eyes) off at this point. I hope you are having a fantastic Thursday!