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Game Review: Zombicide

Sabra GilbertComment

I'm going to sound nerdy today guys. I adore this game! It is so much fun and not your conventional everyone is against everyone kind of game. For this game, you work together to complete the missions that are given to you and there is only one thing that you are against, the flip of the card which leads to ZOMBIES!!

While it isn't the cheapest game to buy (it's actually quite expensive!!), it is totally worth the cost! The board has multiple tiles that you can rearrange and different missions that have different levels and you can play a million different times and each game will be different. The board and peices are also very very high quality. A long with the box, which I have to admit, surprised me!

Wanna learn more about this awesome game (BTW that was me in one game ^ talk about loosing.), you can check out the rules here.

What kind of Nerdy games do you like?

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