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Grown-Up Moments

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. . . Realizing that I'm planning MY WEDDING!

. . . Trying to pay lame bills.

. . . People asking when Simeon and I are going to have kids.

. . . Realizing that it would be fine for kids to be in the near future (near as in 4 years-ish)

. . . Realizing that I only have a year and a half left of school.

. . . Making concrete decisions about my career path.

. . . Planning a home.

. . . Merging financial accounts.

. . . Budgeting my money.

. . . Drinking coffee at 5:30 because I know I'm up for another 6 hours at least.

. . . Drinking coffee in general.

. . . Setting up meetings and appointment.

. . . Realizing that by summer I'm going to be married.

. . . Not making choices by myself only for myself.

 . . . Having people depend on me.

All these things make me feel like such a grown up. Some of them are wonderful, while others aren't that much fun at all. I guess it's all a part of my changing world and view points. Some things just seem crazy that it's even possible that I'm at that stage in my life.

What are some of your grown up moments?

My Life in 5 Years

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This is one question that I really hate at the moment.

Where will your life be in 5 years?

Really, at this point, its truely up in the air and completely dependent on God to lead me the right way. What slightly sucks is the realization that some things that I would need to happen in the next 5 years, are not even in the cards. Like the fact that I have fallen in love with the cutest little filly I have ever met, and there is no way that I will be in a position in my life that I can buy her, even if it is 5 years from now.

The way and things that I want in my life in 5 years to happen seems pretty simple.
I will be graduated from SDSU!
Now whether or not I go on for more schooling as a veterinarian or jumping straight into a the job force as a zoo keeper is of course up in the air.
I plan to be married. :) and hope that I hear 2 little feet (maybe four) running around our apartment. I highly doubt that we will be in any perminant area that we would want to buy a home in.
Simeon will most likely still be going through school as he plans to become a Physics professor someday.
I also hope to have a little corgi fur baby running around with the little one as well.
As I will no longer be a college student, I probably won't be running this blog anymore but trust me, I don't plan to be out of the blogging world!
I have plans up my sleeve.

I am soo excited for the future to happen. I know we are suppose to enjoy the season that we are in, but sometimes, I can be so impatient for what is to come.

I am so tired of classes.
I want to pick out my wedding dress like tonight. Right now? Whose with me?
Who isn't curious about how many children you are going to have and what they are going to look like?

I am enjoying my life as a college student, learning how to actually cook real meals and take care of my apartment, and just being Simeon's girlfriend, but I enjoy and patiently pursue the options of tomorrow as well.

Who Am I?

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So I'm linking up with From Mrs. to Mama for a 52 week Blogging with a Purpose challenge! She has a new topic each week for us to blog on and the first month is all about the blogger. I figured it could be fun! I also plan on putting changing some months topics as they are things that I haven't gotten to in my life yet, like children and marriage.

Don't worry, I will be blogging about other things as well and my entire blogging week WILL NOT be only link-ups, though they are sooo much fun!

So this week is Who Am I?

College student.
Simeon's girlfriend.
Car owner.
OCD organizer.
Apartment Renter.
Work study worker.
Bible study leader.
Horse rider.
Best Friend.

But do these labels actually explain to you who I am? I think as a college student, its a little more difficult to describe exactly who I am yet, since I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I haven't had to cement things into place yet. Yes, I'm a biology major but I could change that tomorrow and become a Physics or Communications major! I could change a lot of these things that I use to describe myself right now. The majority of them aren't perminant and are a blessing to have in my life at the moment. But I would still be the same person with or without many of these things.

My Soul Sister

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Everyone, meet Lindy! Newly dubbed my soul sister.

I figured since I would probably be talking about this wonderful roommate so much, I should probably just do a post to introduce her and she said DO IT!

We scream out the car window each others names in strange sounding voices (highly recommend this activity by they way, insanely fun), cook together (more like, her teaching me how to cook) , and work together (horse pictures to follow :)). Basically, we spend about 75% of our time together.

This is her and Josie, her horse for out class last Fall and basically her baby.

I've never had a lot of luck with roommates, so I'm super excited that Lindy decided to ask me to be her roommate and that we get along so well! It's kinda awesome.

This girl is a trouble maker.
She likes to chase opossums. She splashes in puddles.
And yells random things out windows.

We are learning how to drive stick shift together. Thanks to Simeon!

Oh, did I mention that we are now the three musketeers?
I LOVE that Simeon and Lindy get along so well! Since you know, I'm around both of them almost constantly.

Now for a lovely picture of Mooly that Lindy took Sunday morning during chores.

Reasons I'm A Terrible Blogger

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1| I work too much.
2| I spend too much time with my boyfriend.
3| I spend all other time with my roommate.
4| My room is still unpacked and unfit for a blog show-off.
5| I haven't gotten any sleep.
6| I spend any time on my computer at home usually watching How I Met Your Mother (also with my bf)
7| I'm too tired to be creative.
8| I work out.
9| I'm basically just rambling at this time so I can get to 10.
10| YAY!