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Fighting PCOS || Weigh In Wednesday || 1

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So it's just been a little over a month since I had my first soft diagnosis of PCOS at my doctor's office. I still don't have a for sure answer since my blood test came back inconclusive and I don't have my first OB/GYN appointment until November 13th. But with working with PCOS as the answer, I've made some pretty big life changes that have already started giving me results!!

Fighting PCOS || Weigh In Wednesday || 1 || You & Me Chasing Little G

Hormonal Support

So as I've already said before, I started essential oils to start eliminating hormone imbalancing synthetic chemicals from my home a few months ago. But as I did some more research, I realized that I could do even more with them! Young Living has a whole set of oils that are just for supporting your hormones. So I got them! I started putting Progenessence Plus on my neck every morning and night. Dragon time is supporting me as I plan to start my period right now (and feels a million times better than midol when rubbed on my back for cramps!). I also have the oil endoflex that I haven't used yet, but plan to impliment into my daily schedule as well. 

Changing My Diet

While oils are certainly helping, my biggest and most impactful change this month has been in cutting dairy, gluten, and about 80% of the sugar out of my diet. I also have IBS and these changes made me feel amazing. I had been drinking or rubbing the oil Digize on for my stomach issues multiple times a day and it certainly seemed to help, but just with eliminating these foods, I barely even need Digize to feel like a normal human being. Though when I do splurg on a pizza or too much sugar, digize is there to make me feel better! 

I'm not going to say that these giant diet changes are easy. Honestly, I'm an incredibly picky eater so even finding meals that I will enjoy without these things is rough. Finding a recipes that sounds amazing and is 100% gluten AND dairy free AND low on sugar? Sometimes seems impossible. But we've been able to manage. There are some smaller things I could also include in my diet that I just haven't started yet, but right now this is becoming comfortable.

So what have all these changes done?

For one, I feel a million times better. My stomach is pissed off at me constantly anymore.

Two, my acne is clearing up. I can always tell when my homormones aren't doing too hot because suddently my face breaks out like no other and it takes forever to get it to calm down.

November 1st, 2017 Weigh In

Three, I've lost 12 pounds since my first doctors appointment! Which is amazing! I honestly couldn't see a way of loosing more weight that didn't involve me finding a ton of time to spend hard core working out. Which right now just doesn't fit in my schedule (hello, full time job, side hustle, and large zoo of animals in my house!) But honestly just a diet change did so much!

Starting Weight: 225.9

November 1st: 213.8

What are my PCOS goals for November?


This is something I often let fall to the wayside. Just because I don't like to spend time on myself when I could be spending my time doing other things. Like Netflix binging. Or taking care of my mammals. But I want to impliment a weekly bath and facial night. I think that will go a long ways in eliminating stress and helping my horomones. And obviously from the photo above, I need some pedicure time. That paint is from when my friend came out and we got pedicures back in July!

Work Out Plan

Now as I said above, I don't have time to become an America Ninja Warrior in a few months. But starting with some low intensity home work outs 15 minutes a day and yoga before bed sounds do-able. I just have to get myself to do it! But I believe that it will help me on this journey. One of the main fighters of PCOS is loosing the weight that PCOS made you gain! 

So, are there any other PCOS Warrior's here reading with me? If so, I'd love to learn how you are changing your life in light of PCOS!

Sweat It Wednesday | 2

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Did you know that working out consistently when you are super busy is like super hard? I really struggle with trying to wake up early or being super tired after a full day of  work and classes and getting normal housey/married life type things. So I am admitting to you guys that I've been pretty horrible at this whole work out thing. I think I've gotten better at watching my meals and putting a limit on pop and sweets (though we have Oreo Surprise in the fridge and it is driving me nuts!).

Past Weight: 230

Current Weight: 231

Weight Change:+1

But other than a number victory, I had a different kind of victory this week! Simeon commented that it looked like I had lost a lot of weight and that I looked skinnier. It was such a wonderful thing to hear because I have been feeling absolutly miserable about my current situation. I've been insanely self-consious and like I look horrible, so being told that I looked great made me feel wonderful. And Simeon isn't a person who would lie about something like this.

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Sweat It Wednesday #1

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It's been a pretty rough year for me, and to be honest, I gained a lot of weight that I don't want. So I'm trying to start working out more and I think that I will keep working towards it more if I make myself accountable by telling all of you as well. So every Wednesday I'm going to come back and inform you guys the amount of times I work out that week and how much closer to my goals I get each week!

I would love if you wanted to join in with me as well!!

Starting Weight: 237 lbs

Goal Weight: 175 lbs

WorkOuts this Week: 3

Current Weight: 230 lbs

Weight Lost: 7 lbs.

That seems like a big sudden weight lose but this is actually over three weeks so far, but I just wanted to make sure to I remembered where I started and where I was going. :D

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6 Months!

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Wanna know something cray cray?

That's exactly how many months I have left. In 6 months from today (Sunday), I'll be Mrs. Simeon Gilbert. And I'm soo excited for that! I don't know if it is just the stress of the semester getting to me, but I'm kinda over the whole planning thing and just wanna get to the party!

No really, I am enjoying it, when I actually get to do something fun.
That isn't dishing out money and making really hard decisions.

I started looking at shoes this past week.
That's been a lot of fun
I'm not even a shoe person! lol

I get to start fitting my dress in a month. Which means I need to hurry up and get back to my ordering dress weight.

Is it just me or does stress kill wonderful summer weight loss?

I'm proud to say that I lost 20 pounds this summer!
But over the semester have now gained 10 of them back.
Ugh, the problem with homework is that it gives you the munchies and having snacks during homework is my biggest weakness.

I'm trying to pay attention to portion sizes and eating better snacks. (The carrotts in the fridge are calling my name)
I'm also hoping to get into a work out routine.

I got lucky this summer with a hard working barn job that had me moving in the heat for hours at a time chasing horses and dragging bails about.

But then Fall came and  I went back to my desk job.
Desk job are weight loss killers!

Anyone have a great workout for a girl who wants to just use stuff around the house to work out?

I really don't have time for a gym.
So maybe something not insanely time consuming either.

Any suggestions are totally welcome! :D