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Weekly Goal

The Weekender Project| 8

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I didn't do the Weekender Project last week as it was really a relaxing weekend! I was by myself and just spent the weekend catching up on things. I've also been having migraines, so I was bed bound for most of Saturday trying  to make it go away. If anyone has any migraine tips, I would love to hear them!

For this weekend, I'll actually be working from a hotel room in Missouri! We left last night for our trip and I've spent most of today chilling in our hotel room while Simeon is out networking at a Physics conference where he will present his research tomorrow!

So what am I up to this weekend?

1| Stock up on blog posts for November, so I can focus on NaNoWriMo.

2| Transfer blog from Blogger to Squarespace!

3| Edit Pintrest boards - Delete pins that don't go anywhere and that don't actually work.

4| Edit blog posts - add updates and new photos to old posts that aren't SEO friendly.

5| Relax with a Facial.

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Hopes & Plans

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Spring has finally decided to stay in South Dakota! I'm sooo excited to actually have a week ahead of me to get outside and hopefully start really figuring out what all the buttons on my camera can do! I know I'm a little late today but with 2 exams within a few hours of each other, I had to just buckle down and get some serious studying done along with some serious down time when I had the chance which ended up being reading one of my new favorite books/author/finishing a new favorite series (though Harry Potter will always be the King of my book lovin' heart!). Reading the back where the author shared her writing process has really encouraged me to get back on the wagon of seriously writing again. The number one wagon that School likes to push me off of and I do not like it! Luckily, I'm getting close to being done!!! YAY!! Anyway

Goals for the Week

1| Go through Colorado Pictures
2| Put old pictures & schoolwork onto Disks & Flashdrives
3| Finish Spring cleaning.
4| Figure out my new phone!

Well that's all for today Loves!

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Break from Technology {My Week without Internet}

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So that first week in my apartment, I had absolutly no internet (as I'm sure you could all tell by my complete lack of posts that week).

It was fun.
I wasn't on the computer 24/7 as I usually was.
I was doing things with other people and hanging out a lot more than I usually would.
This could also have to do with the fact that school was out and I no longer HAD to check things everyday.

But it got me thinking.
Is it really that bad to just put the computer away for a few days at a time?
{This is, of course, after already scheduling posts for this blog ahead of time!}

Would it be that bad if I also turned my phone off for a few hours? Maybe a day?
What about a whole weekend?

Would I die without my crutch of technology?

Probably not. I would survive. Maybe finish a hardcover book. Maybe clean my whole apartment. Maybe take a nice long walk on the bike path by my apartment.

I would be fine and maybe, even more relaxed without being on deadline for my blog, or on call for people to contact me at a moments notice.

So I think that this is going to be one of my new goals.
Putting the laptop, phone, TV, NOOK, and iPod away for a day every month.

Will the world end?

Maybe, but that could happen with everything turned on as well!

This Weeks Goal: Morning Routine

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So I have to admit to being super jealous of anyone who can easily get themselves up in the morning and accomplish things before they have to head to work or class.

I am terrible at doing that!
Oh I have good intentions to do things.
Wake up at a nice time. Read my email. Read some blogs and write my to do lists.

Its the getting up part that I struggle with.

But starting today, things are going to be different!

I am going to wake up at 6:45! Why? Because I have a 7:30 AM class on Tues and Thurs and instead of dying those days, I thought I would just try to make it a habit.

What kind of things do I want to accomplish before my 8 AM work time?

I want to do devotions and spend a half hour with God.
I want to take the time to actually look nice for the day ahead!
I want to get my blog reading done in the morning so it doesn't distract from my homework later.

Lets make things happen!