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The Weekender Project || 26

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

Well, due to some scheduling issues on my part, all my posts scheduled for this week somehow got scheduled for next week. . . and I was so distracted by other things that I didn't even notice! Darn! Oh well, at least half of next week is already done! 

1| Order Fox's Dog Food - DONE

2| Figure out out budget for when we move - Half Done

3| Finish MPD's & BSG's Branding - Half Done

TWP 26.jpg

This Week's Goals

1|| Branding - Get it Done!

There are so many different things that I know that I want to complete for MPD and BSG, but I keep putting it off because I get distracted by this crazy mutt in the cover photo! :)

2|| Get my Resume in order

So as I went to apply for a job this past weekend, I realized that my resume was still only on my old laptop, which is dead and I can't find the charger. . . So now I have to design and remember everything from scratch. Oy. Wish me luck!! 

The Weekender Project || 24

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

April has been crazy. I hope to be able to talk about it more later on, but for now, i just have to wade through all the craziness. Thank you for baring with me through all of this!! 

Last Week's Goals

1|| Pack up 8 Boxes - Done & delivered to my parents house!

2|| Completely Restructure MPD - I have my ideas but haven't actually started designing.

3|| Narrow Down Housing Options - Done - We are visiting a few places on Monday that look extremely promising and I'm excited!

4|| Groom the Fluffbutt - All done! But he already needs another bath since it has been raining most of this week and he still needs to be run at the dog park. Which is ridiculously muddy. 

The Weekender Project || 24 - Becoming Sabra Gilbert

This Week's Goals

1|| Pick an Apartment

This weekend, we are heading to Nebraska to go to a fun bridal shower and then looking at apartments with Fox all day on Monday!! We are hoping to look at around four different places and I'm hoping that we will be able to make a decision after seeing them all!

2|| Pack up all the boxes

We will hopefully be spending next weekend finishing moving everything to my parents house for our month's stay there! Which means, not only am I having to organize for one move right now, but two! Which makes packing a little difficult since I have to decide what we can live a month without and what I will need with me. While also keeping what I need limited to what can fit in my high school bedroom! Oh, and don't forget that Fox and Simeon have to fit too!

3|| Finish all current MPD Projects

Because of some completely crazy things this past month, I had to extend work times on a few projects for MPD, luckily with fantastic clients who were all for it. But now I need to buckle down and get these off my docket so I feel comfortable taking on new clients after my MPD revamp!

4|| Get the MPD revamp started!

Getting packages and an inspiration board for my new design are my main goals this week!

The Weekender Project || 22

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

It may be two weeks later, but I actually finished everything on my list! Laundry - Check! Living Room - Check! Take the Puppy on a million walks - Check, Check, a million times check!

So on to this weekend!

1|| Get back into blogging

As you guys have seen, I've been really lacking in the blogging department and honestly, I miss it like crazy! Now that Fox and I are figuring each other out, I'm hoping to jump back into blogging like crazy.

2|| FINALLY, try out my new lighting equipment

I'm not even kidding guys, it hasn't left the box it was delivered in. Ugh. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with it because I don't even think I could return it at this point! And I'm so nervous about pulling it out with a puppy. Fox might find himself in his pen a lot this weekend.

3|| Finish the blog redesign

Again, something that only requires a few finishing touches, but has been put on hold because of the crazy little furball. This weekend, it will get done!!


The Weekender Project| 10

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

Hey guys! So I know that the weekend has already started,but there are so many fun things happening this weekend that I wanted to share! 

And we aren't gonna talk about my last weekender post because other than preparing for photo shoots, basically none of it got done! Oh well!!

Weekender Project .png


1| Do my first ever Family shoot!

2| Clean my apartment & prepare it for Christmas decorations.

3| Utilize Hootsuite for His Endless Love, Becoming A Gilbert & Midnight Photography & Design.

4| Get some time with my hubby. I've been sick all week and it's really cut into our time together.

Little Life Update

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Hey everyone!

If you made it over to the new site, congrats! :) I know I'm having some technical difficulties in the switch. But I hope to have them all figured out by the end of the week! :) The bloglovin' feed should be transferred soon and I will be going to past posts and fixing links to each post. Unfortunately I cannot fix all links to pintrest pins. :/  But if you would be ever so kind to repin any of my blog posts that you have loved or used in the past, that would be insanely fantastic. 

Now that all the boo things are done, I'll share some more exciting things!! And by exciting, I mean whats been going on in my life. :) I hope you don't mind a little journal post.

We left town on Thursday. We had a 6 hour car drive! Which we enjoy usually. Road trips are the best: we jam out, have deep conversation, and I get to take a nap. :) And we get all the best junk food. 

Friday was a few hours of homework and getting to sleep in at a hotel. Then we went out to one of the best BBQ places that I have every been too! It threw me for a loop at first when I discovered that the BBQ place with a rating of 9.7 and the best in Kansas City was actually based in a gas station!! A GAS STATION! And it had the parking and room to sit to prove it! Another thing that amazed me when we got there was the incredible line to order food! Seriously, this is a well loved BBQ place! The line was wrapped around all the way to the door and all the seating was taken. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que is no sit and chill place to eat but it has the best BBQ and fries I have ever tasted.

But seriously. The fries. I would travel 12 hours every day to get that BBQ and fries for dinner every day. If you are ever in Kansas City, you should really try it out! Maybe order out though. But it really is a great atmosphere so maybe you should just eat in! 

Then came Saturday, so while I was stuck in a hotel room transferring this blog all day, Simeon was off being a wonderful human being and winning 1st place for his physics post at a research conference!!  He was then able to be inducted into Sigma Xi, the hosts of the conference. Then he brought me Chick-fil-a for dinner as compensation for not having a car to be able to go anywhere fun. But it was for the best anyway as I got a ton of work done!

Sunday was a crazy day. We had to wake up extra early to check out of the hotel room before going to Simeon's induction ceremony. Then came my favorite part of the entire weekend! THE AQUARIUM! Yes, I am a child when it comes to zoos or aquariums! I run around squealing like a little girl. Ask Simeon, I keep him laughing the entire time. After we went through and has picked our trip souvenir, we went on to check out the World War I monument and museum in Kansas City. It was insanely informative as it not only shared American history but European history as well. And had a very well executed informational video with a trench scene built below you that was incredibly emotional.


Then it was time for another 6 hour trek! That was my weekend! What did you do?