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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: The Honeymoon

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I adored our honeymoon! We took off for four days of fun in Omaha! We saw Wicked (which I'm a horrible blogger because we were all dressed up and I didn't take one picture. .  because I left my camera at the hotel). We spent a day at Dave & Buster's. And mostly just enjoyed each other and wandering around one of our favorite cities (& the hot tub in our room)

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Wedding Wednesday: What I would change

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From what I learned, your wedding day is completely insane. There are so many things going on and it flys by. I never imagined that one day could go so, so, so fast! To be honest, there are a few things that I would change to make the day go smoother and so that I could spend just a little bit more time relaxing instead of running around.

1| Take more people up on their offer to help out! There was more than one time my family was busy trying to take care of things at the reception or cleaning. I really wish I had asked a few more people to be in charge of that and to help that way.

2| Make an exact list of the exact pictures that I wanted my photographer to take.  I had a general list that I had given my photographer, but it got lost. I would have specified exactly what I wanted, sent it out a month ahead of time so that she could familiarize herself with it more and then print a few more for the day of.

3| Make sure more than just a few people had the entire itinerary.  A lot of people were asking me what was going on all day, mostly because they for some reason thought they needed to be somewhere else than whenere I had already instructed everyone else to go. I wish I had given more people the schedule so that they could direct others instead of me trying to do so while also taking photos.

4| Detail out the itinerary more. I am a big picture kind of girl, I struggle with the tiny details. But I hadn't planned for when the cake would be cut (exactly) and a few other kind of small things that are also kind of huge. So we just kind of winged it.

5| Take time out to be alone with Simeon. I didn't really plan any time to be alone with SImeon on our wedding day. We kind of had time together to pray before the ceremony but everyone was watching. We really never had anytime to kindle any romance for the day and it was just do this, do that.

6| Actually leave the reception before it ends. We stayed and cleaned up the gym. That doesn't sound right does it? We just got caught up in having fun with our friends and I guess this is another part of not detailing out the schedule and sticking to it.

7| Order less cake! It will be our 6 month anniversery still and there is still wedding cake in our refridgerator. Not just the top of the cake, but peices of the rest that everyone else was supposed to eat. Simeon gained 10 pounds after we got married from eating wedding cake every single night until we just couldn't anymore.

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Wedding Wednesday: Reception Photos

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Oh. My. Goodness! This reception was so fun! Which is exactly what I had wanted it to be like. We had a kissing menu instead of letting people clink glasses so the funny stories were rolling, and unfortunatly we just didn't have enough time for them all.

Everyone had it out for the bride too.
Hence, why the majority of the pictures inlcude me laughing or blushing or covering my face in some way.

There was sooo much dancing! And I was kinda bummed that I couldn't participate in a whole lot of it because of the tightness of my dress, lack of hydration, and lack of actually eating anytime after the wedding. I would wear out within a few quick dance moves but I made sure to walk around and visit and dance with everyone as much as I possibly could.

I don't really remember talking to that many people though. There just felt like there was no time.

All of a sudden everything was over with.

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Wedding Wednesday: Formal Portraits

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I'll admit it, we didn't spend much time taking more formal photos. . . well at least us girls didn't. The boys ended up having a longer time since they were actually running on time on the day of the wedding. Which super surprises me. So here are some of the individual photos we took before the ceremony and together after the ceremony.

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