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October Goals

Sabra GilbertComment

I always make goals for the month on what I want to have done for the wedding.
Along with a lot of other things, but I know if you are here, you are probably more interested in my wedding things right?

1| Pick out a Florist.

2| Have a blast at our Engagement Party.
I'm really excited about this one! My mom and stepdad are throwing one for us alongside their new Annual Fall Party (though all these parties are just to show off the new deck :))

3| Finish my Bridesmaid's folders.

4| Work on organizing my Wedding Binder.

5| Have some engagement pictures taken.
We have an appointment to have some taken today. And I'm really excited about it. Other than the fact that Simeon got hurt at work and now has a bruise and gash on his check.
He will look very manly in our soccer themed engagement photos.

Now I know that five things doesn't sound like a lot to get done. But with Simeon and my schedules, a lot of it feels almost impossible!!