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What 2017 Has Brought Us Thus Far

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I figure that it's been a really long time since I did a life update, and so much has already happened this year that I should probably just summarize it all in post. And probably go into detail on a few of the things later. It's been a big year of changing from a college student to an adult with real responsibilities. I just celebrated my 25th birthday this last week and today simeon looked at me and informed me that he didn't think I was a young adult anymore. Just an adult. Which just seems so crazy to me.  

Sometimes I still feel like a child who needs my parents to do things for me. And then I realize I'm an adult and need to do them myself. And I know it's been a slow transition over the years to get to this point but it feels like it almost happened overnight to me. Just one day I woke up and realized that I had a lot of responsibilities. But, let's start with the beginning of this year. :) 

You & Me Chasing Baby G || Year in Review


Nothing that I really remember happened in January. I believe I had some foster kittens probably. And I remember being really into setting goals to make this year amazing. Had my powersheets all ready and prepped for the year. That's all I really remember. wait!! I forgot something important! My sister proposed to her boyfriend and they got engaged! I went dress shopping with my sister right away because SURPRISE! The wedding date was set for April. That's four months people. Four. And on the 13th, we also celebrated Fox's 1st Birthday! More photos to come, but there may have been a cakesmash involved. There WILL be a blog post on this later.

Fox Bentley's First Birthday


This was the month that I made a few trips home. We picked bridesmaids dresses and I took engagement photos for my sister. We had a lot of fun. February gets blurred out by March a lot. But I enjoyed February. I also got two bottle feeding foster puppies at the end of February. Just three days old.


This month basically sucked. Simeon and I took multiple trips back and forth to South Dakota as my step-dad's health took a turn. We packed up our puppies and brought them back and forth with us. Then the week from hell happened. We had just gotten back to lincoln for a few days thinking that my stepdad was slowly getting better. We were wrong. We came home and lost both puppies to a virus we never even knew the whole litter had until their poor hearts started giving out, and then we got the call that Dennis was on his final breathes. Within a week, I'd lost my babies and a father. I did get to spend a whole week with my mom though. Just me and her. I did enjoy that. 


 this month flew by!! It was very soon time for Stormies wedding!! With lots of tears, happy and sad, we all enjoyed the day! My uncle and cousins came out from Hawaii! Jordan smashed cake in Stormie's face and I may or may not have spent half the day a little tipsy. :) my brother also turned 18 this month and officially swore into the Army. oh, and we started paperwork to buy our house!!


 simeon and I celebrated 3 years of marriage and 7 years together!! My little brother graduated and left for basic training. He tried not to make anything special out of it, but we are all missing him like crazy! But once again, that's a post for another day. I started my dog hunt for the perfect pup for our family. :) 

STellen 2017 66.jpg


 we closed on our house on the 2nd!!  And then it was a lot of quickly unpacking because we brought home our second puppy on the 9th!!! :) Fox and Ashe were a little iffy at first. Loved to play, didn't want to share mama and daddy. I also started my Young Living essential oils journey! But they've started to mellow out a ton! Which was great because . . . 


 Simeon was in South Korea this ENTIRE month! I had four foster kittens, two dogs, a cat and a chinchilla AND A BRAND NEW HOUSE. All to manage completely by myself. It was an adventure. I got frustrated. I was tired. But we lovingly got through it all.  . I also started my Young Living essential oils journey!


 This month has flown! We went to Irishfest and then it was my birthday! And now things are finally gonna settle down again. I've barely worked this month but that's all about to change. :)  

Sometimes, Adulting is Hard. Photo Albums Don't have to Be

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One thing that I've learned about being an adult is that there are a lot of things that I took for granted my mom doing for me. She kept things clean that I didn't even know needed to actually be cleaned. She kept, not just her own schedule, but every one's schedule. In her head. The schools, mine, my sister's, my brother's, Dennis', and every single activity that we all did in school. Crazy. She could always manage to get us all ready for a road trip before the last second. I can't even get Simeon and I organized before a trip.

One of those things would be actually printing photos to hang around the house and making photo albums. As can be seen when walking into my apartment, it isn't something that I have fully mastered yet. We have frames hanging on the wall that still have stock photos in them. I haven't even gotten my wedding photos onto Facebook, let alone all printed and into a nice scrapbook.

But that is where Shutterfly steps in! Where I might be failing in the Facebook and scrapbook department, I've been pretty good at using Shutterfly to make cute mugs and, gasp!, photo books!

One thing that I love about the

Shutterfly photobooks

is how easy it is to pick one theme and decorate. With a traditional scrapbook, it can be easy to go off in a million different directions throughout the book without having a cohesive theme. This way, all the design elements are the same within one interface and not scattered around my home.

I have always wanted to scrapbook, but one of the reasons that I haven't gotten into it is that all the elements that go into making a scrapbook can be sooo expensive. You have to buy the stickers, the papers, print the photos, get the right scissors and glue. With all of those things in mind, a nice clean design that gets printed and sent to your door no longer seems as expensive as you originally think it will be.

Not only do I not have to purchase all of these things to complete my scrapbook, but I also don't have to make space to store these items in between the times that I could work on this scrapbook. Simeon and I are college kids on a college budget in a college town. Our apartment is tiny. Like, our apartment completely fits in my parents living room tiny. We already practically trip over everything in our home, if I had totes of scrap booking items, we would loose even more room.

Not only is storage an issue, but while in the process of completing a scrapbook, it also creates a large mess and has to be left out to dry, or just plain to work on. Once again, Simeon and I would loose more space that we just don't have to loose.

On the


interface, everything is simply stored online. So all I need is my laptop to work on a project that I could finish in a night, or spend the time to design over a month. No mess, No fuss. Just getting it done.

Want to try it out for yourself? Shutterfly is offering a code for 40% off the entire site as well as a free 8x11 calendar for the next year!!

Use code FREE40 until October 25th!

And if I haven't convinced you that Shutterfly Photobooks are better than Scrapbooks, Shutterfly can still print your photos for you as well! Just with joining, you are able to receive

50 FREE 4x6 photos


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This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

Celebrating 1 Year |Part 1

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I seriously can't beleive that Simeon and I are just getting back from our vacation in honor of our 1st Anniversery! The fact that this year has flown by so fast just astounds me. I know everyone talks about how the time will just start flying faster and faster and that just terrifies me. I really feel like yesterday was my wedding day and now we've already celebrated past a whole year and its insanely crazy.

NOt only did Simeon and I celebrate our first wedding anniversery but we were able to celebrate our five year dating anniversery as well. Guys! I feel like we must be getting old cause thats pretty close to a fourth of my entire life. THAT"S A LONG TIME!!!  It's been a crazy wonderful trip and I've loved it.

So anyway. . . Back to the trip! We spent 3 nights and 4 days in Minneapolis, MN! Now, that probably sounds super lame. It isn't a super crazy destination BUT OMG IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

So lets start on May 17th. Our 1st ever wedding anniversery!! NOw it started a little lame because we woke up at my parents house, but at least we woke up in each others arms. There are many people who don't get that priviledge. We packed everything up and started getting ready for the road. We said our goodbyes and started heading back to Brookings in our seperate cars. (thats another story) So we decided to stop and get gas at this one gas station that we usually stop at cause it has nice low prices. As soon as I pulled up behind a car to wait, I noticed that soemthing wasn't right.


(In case I havne't explained, Roy is our new 2001 Dodge Durango. THe car that we knew would be taking us where ever we are going to move to)

So I paniced. Turned the car off. Jumped out the door and ran to SImeon in Penny Margret (my 1989 Park Avenue that was supposed to be a temporary drive around the town car that we recently got fixed enought htat we can drive it out of town!) and screamed that the car is smoking and he needed to come over right now!!!

He got a paniced look on his face and got to work doing his manly thang.

Simeon popped the hood and figured out what was wrong. We pushed the car to the side and Simeon ran to get the part and we were actually back on the road within an hour or so. It was insanely sexy!! :P

We were finally on our way home and got there and packed up and sang our heads off all the way to Minneapolis.

Now Simeon got This || close to getting his butt kicked on the way when we saw a car that said Miss Rodeo South Dakota and Simeon decided to yell that we needed to follow it. :/ ON OUR ANNIVERSERY!! I even told Trent (Simeon's bestie/bestman) about it and Trent scolded Simeon! But we got passed it because I know that Simeon was just kidding and being a pain in the butt like he usually is.

Other than that. . .
The first night was just filled with enjoying each other and reminicing on the past year. And making plans for our trip. It was an awesome night!

I'll be sharing more. But I'm still getting all used to being back to town and getting stuff done! Just Warning, I didn't take any nice pictures on my nice camera. . . so It will be all IPhone pictures! So bare with me while I figure out how to do all that stuff with my phone! :D

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#ThrowbackThursday: Finding THE Dress

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I have been completely reminescing on our Wedding last year. Everything about it. How wonderful the day was. How much I enjoyed planning it all. When I didn't enjoy planning the wedding. I truely just can't beleive that at this time last year, I was counting down the days until our wedding and freaking out. And here I am a year later just living my life with my husband. Stills tressing about school and the future but getting to cuddle in bed every night with the one person who can make it all ok no matter what. Ok now I'm getting gushy, so let me show you the progression of finding my Wedding dress.

A little background first, I was DETERMINED to find my grand cinderella dress. I wanted big, Big, BIG!

So here was my first choice to try on. . .

I thought it was going to be my Cinderella dream dress and I could just feel it the moment that I stepped into the dress. It wasn't the dress. I felt like a giant marshmello.  Not the way that anyone wants to feel when they are wearing their wedding dress.

This was my second choice of the perfect wedding dress. All the gathering and the way the fabric felt, I thought it was gonna be perfect. No. No. No. Once again it just wasn't complimenting me the way I wanted to be complimented the day of my wedding.

This one I was skeptical about. It was my sisters pick and not at all what I originally thought that I wanted. I didn't even want to try it on cause it was SOOOOO off base from what i wanted. I thought Stormie was crazy. But obviously she knew me more than I knew myself cause I liked the dress. Now I'm not saying love cause I didn't when I first put it on. I thought it had potential but It wasn't what I wanted still. It was kind of plain.

Since it was a little plain for me, I asked for a little bling and then I really started to like the dress. There was something still missing a little bit, but it was definatly getting there. I was super excited.

And then my mother had a wonderful idea. She asked for the same belt in color.

Then it was perfect. It was the complete opposite of what I had thought that I wanted. And Simeon adored the dress and still does. He tries to convince me that I should pull it out all the time, but then I have to explain to him that it is vacuum sealed in a box now and it ain't coming out anytime soon!

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Wedding Wednesday: The Honeymoon

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I adored our honeymoon! We took off for four days of fun in Omaha! We saw Wicked (which I'm a horrible blogger because we were all dressed up and I didn't take one picture. .  because I left my camera at the hotel). We spent a day at Dave & Buster's. And mostly just enjoyed each other and wandering around one of our favorite cities (& the hot tub in our room)

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