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Celebrating 1 Year |Part 1

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I seriously can't beleive that Simeon and I are just getting back from our vacation in honor of our 1st Anniversery! The fact that this year has flown by so fast just astounds me. I know everyone talks about how the time will just start flying faster and faster and that just terrifies me. I really feel like yesterday was my wedding day and now we've already celebrated past a whole year and its insanely crazy.

NOt only did Simeon and I celebrate our first wedding anniversery but we were able to celebrate our five year dating anniversery as well. Guys! I feel like we must be getting old cause thats pretty close to a fourth of my entire life. THAT"S A LONG TIME!!!  It's been a crazy wonderful trip and I've loved it.

So anyway. . . Back to the trip! We spent 3 nights and 4 days in Minneapolis, MN! Now, that probably sounds super lame. It isn't a super crazy destination BUT OMG IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

So lets start on May 17th. Our 1st ever wedding anniversery!! NOw it started a little lame because we woke up at my parents house, but at least we woke up in each others arms. There are many people who don't get that priviledge. We packed everything up and started getting ready for the road. We said our goodbyes and started heading back to Brookings in our seperate cars. (thats another story) So we decided to stop and get gas at this one gas station that we usually stop at cause it has nice low prices. As soon as I pulled up behind a car to wait, I noticed that soemthing wasn't right.


(In case I havne't explained, Roy is our new 2001 Dodge Durango. THe car that we knew would be taking us where ever we are going to move to)

So I paniced. Turned the car off. Jumped out the door and ran to SImeon in Penny Margret (my 1989 Park Avenue that was supposed to be a temporary drive around the town car that we recently got fixed enought htat we can drive it out of town!) and screamed that the car is smoking and he needed to come over right now!!!

He got a paniced look on his face and got to work doing his manly thang.

Simeon popped the hood and figured out what was wrong. We pushed the car to the side and Simeon ran to get the part and we were actually back on the road within an hour or so. It was insanely sexy!! :P

We were finally on our way home and got there and packed up and sang our heads off all the way to Minneapolis.

Now Simeon got This || close to getting his butt kicked on the way when we saw a car that said Miss Rodeo South Dakota and Simeon decided to yell that we needed to follow it. :/ ON OUR ANNIVERSERY!! I even told Trent (Simeon's bestie/bestman) about it and Trent scolded Simeon! But we got passed it because I know that Simeon was just kidding and being a pain in the butt like he usually is.

Other than that. . .
The first night was just filled with enjoying each other and reminicing on the past year. And making plans for our trip. It was an awesome night!

I'll be sharing more. But I'm still getting all used to being back to town and getting stuff done! Just Warning, I didn't take any nice pictures on my nice camera. . . so It will be all IPhone pictures! So bare with me while I figure out how to do all that stuff with my phone! :D

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