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Prepping for Pintrest: Making Your Own Stock Photography

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Pintrest is a wonderful resource for blogging. It is a great way to get inspired, to get ideas, and to get seen by others. To be beneficial, we as bloggers have to use it correctly. One of the very first ways that you can make your post ready for Pintrest is to make a pinnable image!

But I know that sometimes, there just isn't enough time in a day to take brand new pictures for every single blog post. That's where stock photography comes into play. It's photos that don't have an exact purpose but can be used for many things, And you can keep your very own stash hidden away for times that you need a photo and you don't have time to take the photos and get the perfect one.

Step 1| What do you Need the Photos For?

           This is where having a list of your general topics comes in handy. Like here at Becoming a Gilbert, I write mostly about marraige, college life, my faith, photography & blogging, so I need to determine what would be the best backdrop for a title around those topics? Well for photography, I either should be showing off a technique or have a picture of my camera in the background. For my marriage posts, I use a wedding photo. College life can be a stack of books or my homework laid out on a desk. Just basic things that relate.

Step 2| Gather your Supplies.

           I try to do little photoshoot sessions and build up my collection over time. Like last week, I wanted photos for blogging and photography tips that would also work as decoration photography on my new MPD website (launching later this month!), so I grabbed my laptop, camera and some supplies that I might use in blogging. For college tips, I would use a stack of old textbooks or binders. To have the greatest impact, pick things with your branding colors. It really turns everything into a more cohesive look!

Step 3| Have the Right Background.

           Some people are blessed with the perfect spaces already in their home. Living in a basement apartment with a college student budget, big white spaces just aren't in the cards. My living space isn't the best decorated either. So I've opted to either go outside for photoshoots or use white foam board to create the backdrop that I would like.

Step 4| Pick the Right Time

            As I said, I don't really have the best living space for the best photos. But I know when the most natural light comes through my windows. So I try to schedule my little photoshoots for those times and also fake the right light with my foam boards and lamps in a million different directions.

Step 5| Have Fun!

             You might go into the shoot thinking you want one certain look at one certain angle, but you chould have a lot of fun changing the angles, focusing on different things, or trying different combinations. Your magical shot might be in one of those random changes. If anything, you have a lot of different shots that you could use and have built up a stock photography collection.

This is what I've done to save time in my blogging, and I hope that it helps you do the same! Blogging is so much more fun if you get to enjoy the community and writing more than worrying about Pintrest and making time for all the "things" that you "have" to do for blogging.

What are some posts that you can prep for today?

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Snapchat for Blogging

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Guys. I'm in love with using Snapchat for blogging. The only curating that can happen with Snapchat is that people choose when they want to snap. So sure, you could only show off the wonderful moments, but  honestly, nobody wants to see the perfect on Snapchat. I love behind the scenes posts on blogs, so when some of my favorite bloggers openly gave out their snapchat users for others to follow along, I jumped on it.

But how can you use it as a social media platform?

Snapchat for Bloggers - Becoming Sabra Gilbert

There are plenty of different ways that I've seen it used in the last few months. I haven't used it in some of these ways yet, but I plan on doing so in the future, and I hope that these inspire you as well!!

Helene in Between (helenesula) - I love how she shows off her blog post every day. Obviously there is no way to link to it, but it gives a different kind of a preveiw than what can happen on any other form of social media.

Ashley Brook Designs (abdesigns)  - OMG if you have a shop of any kind, you need to follow this girl. She is pretty awesome at showing off her work daily in a nonchalant way. It is the best marketing strategy that I've seen! She shows off how she uses all of her own things every day like picking one of her own mugs every morning.

The College Prep (collegeprepster) -  Not only does Carly show super cute videos of her little pup, but she does little mini giveaways. She has her own stickers and has people snap her their address and she mails the first 100 or so her stickers!

I can't wait to start implimenting some of these techniques! So make sure to check out my Snapchat story on the regular to catch some fun preveiws, behind the scenes, and giveaways!! I don't know what I'm going to giveaway yet, but stay tuned!!

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