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Learn About THRIVE with Lindy

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Hey guys!! Super excited to have one of my in-real-life friends on the blog today!! Lindy became one of my roommates on a spur of the moment decision to go from just two people living together to four, and then randomly, we became the best of friends within a few months and ten months later she was in my wedding. She's the owner of the pup that is plastered over my instagram & snapchat and the troublemaker of our little pair.

Stick around and get to know her!!

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Hey guys!

To introduce myself, my name is Lindy and Sabra is one of my best friends. She made me a blog of my own called “My Zoo Of A Life” where I mostly talk about my animal experiences. I’m an Animal Science major at SDSU, and have a part time job at Heartland Veterinary Clinic. I have a 14 week old puppy named Hazel. She keeps me on my toes let me tell you! She is quite crazy with all of her shenanigans, and I’m sure you’re all wondering how I can keep up. That is actually what I’m going to share with you today, I am here to tell you all about Thrive.

                I have always been somewhat of a health conscience person. By this I mean I like to eat right, make sure I take necessary vitamins, exercise, and just be good to my body. But sometimes just doing that isn’t enough, you need to give your body optimum nutrition, not just enough to get by.

I was introduced to Thrive back in august thinking that I would actually give this product a try and see if it actually does anything for me. Guys, Thrive has honestly changed my life for the better! I was a very tired person who was always in some sort of discomfort. I could sleep for days and still not have enough energy to get through the day! I didn’t do well studying or putting my mind to anything because I seemed to always be in this brain fog caused by lack of energy. With Thrive I feel human again. I no longer have to grab that ibuprofen, that coffee, or take that nap just to get through the day.

It’s seriously one of the easiest health regimens I have ever done. I start the day off with 2 capsules in the morning, 30 minutes later drink the deliciously nutritious shake, and apply a new DFT for the day and I’m ready to roll! Thrive is formulated to fill everyone’s nutritional gaps, and by doing so right when your feet touch the ground in the morning gives you the best possible kick start to the day!

I have thrive to thank for giving me my life back and I honestly don’t want to go back to living life without it. I urge you, no matter what your situation is, to try this product. I believe you’d be surprised on how it will help you. I want to help you feel amazing too. Email me at, to get more information and to help yourself feel better.



Reveiw: Le-Vel THRIVE

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So I'm not a health nut. I feel like that is kind of obvious. And when Lindy started repeatedly bugging me to try this new health supplement program, I was skeptical on how amazing she was making it sound. She was going on about how much energy she had, and how it was making her feel better, but it just kind of sounded like a sales pitch to be honest.

Then she made me try it for a week. Guys, I'm truly sad that this is my last day!! Simeon and I are trying to figure out how to readjust our budget a little so that I can continue it and maybe he can try it. It really is kind of awesome.

I'm a two-pops-a-day kind of gal. And maybe throw in some coffee if it's a little chilly outside just for good measure. Like give me all the caffeine cause I won't make it through the day without it!

I drank maybe 4 pops this week and that was because I also just like the taste of pop over water.

And I had so much energy it was ridiculous. 

This regimen helps me so much that I can't even wear the DFT the full 24 hours because I can't get to sleep because I have so much energy from the mix of ingredients in it. All natural.

It's a pretty easy schedule. I wake up in the morning, grab a glass of water and a little packet of tablets. Then I get going with my day with a shower or maybe a few blog posts to be read, and then its time to mix my shake and apply the DFT foam. And then I race on with the rest of the day and don't have anything to worry about. Except maybe if I catch the DFT on something, then it kind of hurts when it snags on your jacket or something.

What is the DFT? I guess that's a good question. It is a little foamy patch that supplies nutrients through your skin all day.It's a little sticker that you are supposed to wear for 24 hours, but I usually only wear it until it's time for bed which is only about 14 or 15 hours later. It does leave a little bit of residue behind that's a little hard to remove, but it comes off eventually.

I love it and I know that I'm going to try to continue it. I'll admit that it is kind of expensive, but if you can fit it into your budget, it really is a great supplement to try!! I can almost promise that you will love it.

Wanna give it a try? Or learn some more? Email

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