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Things I Learned in College

[Guest Post] 5 Things I Don't Love About Junior College

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Hi everyone! My name is Elise, and I blog on the regular over at Books, Bottles, and Bags. I’m a full-time toddler nanny and part-time college student. Today I’m going to represent all the Junior College students out there are share the five things I DON’T love about attending a JC.

 1. I have to drive home. It seems so lame, but the last thing I want to do after working ten hours then sitting in class for 3.5 hours and getting out after 10p is drive home. I don’t live that far, but it still sucks.

2. School offices are closed by the time I get off work. It’s not normally an issue, but earlier this summer I had to turn in financial aid papers. The office closed at 6p and was closed on Friday, my day off. I was caring two babies that day, who were 11mo and 2mo, at the time. Do you see where I’m going with this? Every time I have to turn in papers at school, I have to go during work hours and take a baby with me.

3. My school is not the least bit accommodating to working students. You’d think that because it’s a JC and the majority of the students work at least part time, they’d be more willing to help those of us who work and miss, or are late to something because of work. Over the summer I had to attend an academic probation workshop and I was late because my boss was late getting home. I obviously couldn’t leave until she got there to care for The Dude. When I got to the school I was told that I wouldn’t be allowed into the workshop because I was tardy.

4. There’s no cafeteria. Okay, I don’t really know for sure, but I swear there isn’t. I haven’t found it yet, if there is. Vending machines are my BFF. 

5. Slacker students. You know them, those ones that are in your group for a project and don’t contribute but get the same grade as you because the entire group is supposed to work together, therefore everyone in the group gets the same grade. Those are the people I want to figuratively throat punch.

What are your least favorite things about your college? I’d love to know. After you’re done here, feel free to head over to my blog and say hello!


Oh, such wonderful girls who are willing to take over my blog in busy times!
I've been running around finding my new classes, convincing girls that NAVS is super wonderful and the only campus ministry for them (not hard because it is soo great!), and attending random wedding related appointments mixed in.

Oh, the life of a college student!

Things I Learned in College: Emma's View

Sabra GilbertComment
Hello All! I’m Emma from the “World According to Emma”. On my blog you will find stories from my life as a college student, reviews on television shows and movies and my love for Big Brother.
I am so grateful to Sabra for letting me participate in her “Things I’ve Learned in College” series.  In a couple of days I will be starting my sophomore year of college. I’m excited to go back to school and thought I’d share the top ten things I learned during my freshmen year (in no particular order).

1: The Freshmen 15 really does exist
I’m pretty sure every person who starts college believes that the Freshmen 15 won’t happen to them. At least I thought it wouldn’t happen to me but unfortunately it does.  If you live on campus you’ll be eating at the dinning hall (all processed food) and if you go to a school like mine there will be a Dunkin Donuts on campus. I gained the freshmen weight and now spent my summer trying lose it. My biggest piece of advice is work out and try to eat healthy BUT don’t obsess over it, everyone’s going through it.

2: Some people have bad roommate experience but if you’re lucky your roommate might just become one of your best friends

I went into college thinking that when it came to roommates I wanted some I could co-exist with. Instead I ended up with Hannah and we cliqued instantly! I’m pretty sure that if I met Hannah around campus I would probably still be friends with her. I know that I lucked out and that not everybody gets such a great roommate. My biggest advice when it comes to roommates is make sure that you talk about boundaries early on so that you and your roommate are comfortable living together and if you really can’t stand living with them talk to RA or hall director.

3: Sometimes the place you belong is right in front of your eyes

The Beginning of my freshmen year I joined a Future Teacher’s Club on campus. I wasn’t hundred percent sure how involved I wanted to be in the club. Instead I found some great friends, found a club where I belong and am happy. I’m even the new club secretary for next year!

4: You might meet your best friend in the most interesting ways

My friend Mandi and I met one day through mutual friends of ours at lunch. We were talking about people we knew and I asked if she knew this guy. It turns out that the guy I was asking about was her ex-boyfriend. If you think that’s awkward, it gets worse, I tried to assure her that he had mentioned her by describing the one girlfriend he mentioned and it was her! Now, we’re best friends and laugh hysterically whenever we think about the day we met.

5: Get involved

 Join at least one club because you’ll make great friends and have cool experiences. For example the picture above is from Project Beautification where my future teacher’s club went and did cleaned up an elementary school and planted gardens.

6: Go to campus events, you never know who you’ll meet.

On Hannah’s birthday we went to a comedy show that the campus hosted. The headliner was Chris D’Elia from the NBC show Whitney. After the show we got to meet the comedians, so me and my friends go picture with Chris D’Elia and I can officially say I met celebrity!

7: Never subtweet about anyone

This story is pretty embarrassing for me. Let’s just say that my next door neighbor was REALLY loud and slammed her doors a lot! All my friends back home tweeting about people so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. Well my neighbor found and confronted me about. She seemed so hurt and I regretted it almost instantly and feel guilty to this day.

8: It’s okay to skip class every once in a while.

You really should go to every class, you might miss something important and you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself to take good notes. But I understand that sometimes you need a day to sleep in or you have a huge test later in the day, and in those cases it might be okay to skip a class but make sure that it is one that you can skip and that you won’t be overwhelmed with when you don’t go.

9: Find a Place That Works For You to Study

After a semester I learned that I CAN NOT for the life of me study in my room, I get distracted by my stuff and my roommate, so instead I started studying in my floor’s common dorm or my building’s lobby. There was enough distraction that I wasn’t going insane like I did in the library but I could still focus.

10: Focus on yourself, before trying to find significant other

A lot of people go to college single. There are tons of people in college that you can date. But make sure before you jump into a relationship with someone at college you are comfortable with yourself and your new lifestyle (college is a whole new lifestyle) before you start dating. That way when you meet someone you can be happy and enjoy yourself.

I hope the things that I learned in college helped or entertained you in  some way. If you’re reading this and you’re about ready to start your freshman year I wish you luck!


Things I Learned In College: Heather's Dose

Sabra GilbertComment

Hi! I’m Heather and I blog over at Pretty Strong Medicine! After graduating from the greatest university in the world (Go Hoosiers), I decided to move back home and take a year off to work as a nurse assistant while I applied to medical school. Now I’m getting ready to start my first year in August!

I blog about training to become a physician while living the life of a twenty-something. I made it my goal to shed the weight I gained in college and get healthy and fit once and for all. I also just got engaged so soon I’ll be sharing my wedding planning bliss!

In the past year I’ve had some time to reflect on the “best years of my life.” College was a blur of ups and downs, studying, having fun with friends, and loving/hating life all at the same time. Before you know it, it’s all over! Here are a few lessons I learned from college!

1. Making friends through activites 2. Do something adventurous 3. Indiana Basketball 4. Indiana University Little 500 5. Out with friends (after lots of studying, of course).

Your Experience Is What You Make It
In order to have a positive experience in college, you have to be willing to put in the work. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet new people, try new things, and GET INVOLVED! I attended a large Big 10 University which was pretty intimidating at first. In order to make a huge university smaller, I joined a sorority and participated in clubs, volunteered, and had a work-study job. Not only did I meet amazing groups of people but I stayed busy and really got out of my “shy” shell.

College Girl Uniform
At my school, the college girl uniform (maybe I should amend this to the sorority girl uniform) became blatantly obvious as soon as I stepped foot on campus; “Norts”/ v-neck T/flip flops in the fall/spring and yoga pants or leggings/North Face jacket/Uggs in the winter. After about a month of being at college, I had all politely assimilated and embraced the uniform into my wardrobe - I’m pretty sure I didn’t wear jeans to class all junior & senior year. Whoops! There’s a time and place to look cute & put together but college taught me I was doing it wrong in high school - you might as well be comfy will sitting in class all day!  

Lower Standards
When you go off to college, you most likely aren’t entering a land of sophistication and grace. If you are used to four course meals and five star hotels, the dorm life and later sorority/apartment living will lower these standards. Suddenly cold pizza for breakfast and cold cereal for dinner will seem like a well-balanced diet. Dancing the night away in sticky fraternity basements and wading through wild tailgate fields will become your new entertainment.

Being Smart Is Cool
Unlike in high school, being intelligent and/or caring about school is generally celebrated in college.  Doing well in your classes is a good thing and you shouldn’t hide the fact that you care about grades - after all, you’re paying thousands of dollars to attend! If you surround yourself with the right people, there is no reason why you can’t do well in school and maintain an active social life. Work smart, play hard.

The Freshman 15 Is Real
If only I had believed the rumors - gaining the Freshman 15 is a reality, friends. Unless you are very disciplined or active already, it is so easy to gain weight in college. You’re time gets filled up quickly with activities, classes, studying, social events, and more. Make working out a priority and try to avoid making poor food choices all the time. Have fun but remember pizza and chicken fingers are not a major food group! Even better, find ways to be social while getting a good workout - go to fitness classes with your dorm mates, join an intramural team, or find a running buddy!

You Will Never Have So Much Freedom
College is a very freeing time of your life. There are no parents and teachers to hold your hand through classes or to make you study. All your motivation to succeed must come from within you! College is a great time to figure out what makes you tick - participate in activities or take classes that help explore your interests. You will most likely never be able to take a class all about chocolate or birding (I took both of these!) again so do it now!

Succeeding in college is all about balance! You don’t have to sacrifice a social life in order to do well in school and you don’t need to be a huge party animal to make friends or be liked. There is a place for everyone but it requires effort. Looking back on my experiences, I wish I would’ve done MORE! I was already pretty busy but I wish I would’ve challenged myself to take on more leadership positions or started running sooner.

Enjoy yourself but remember that these four years are preparing you for “real life” - especially if you plan on pursuing higher education. Keep your future goals in mind and do your best! Four years goes by quick.


Isn't it sooo exciting that Heather is engaged now!? Read her story here!

Thank you so much, Heather, for still taking the time to still write this post!

Things I Learned in College: Lizzy Lays it All Out

Sabra GilbertComment

Hi Sabra's Readers! My name is Lizzy, and I blog at Lizzy's Luggage. I'm a 19-going-on-2 year old who dreams of visiting London and making a change during her life! At my blog you can find various posts about beauty, fashion, life, college, and Oreos (obsessed). My life goal is to inspire and change people, and I hope you'll catch that vibe if you visit me.

Sabra asked me to help her out with the "Things I Learned In College" series, and I thought this would be great for my first ever guest post! So let's get to learning...

1. It's okay to need help (Personal and Career-wise)

I've talked a lot about my experience with having to meet with a personal counselor on campus in my posts. As most of my regular readers know; my blog is a product of those meetings. To be honest, it absolutely sucked to have to admit that I needed additional help, but I am so happy that I took the initiative. Don't be afraid to meet with someone if you think that you can't handle the stress.

Also, if you're like most college students; you won't have your future career completely figured out when you get to school. It's a really big decision to make, so meeting with a career counselor is a great idea to learn about careers you've never even knew of! Along with that, they've got amazing tools (online tests/programs) that use your skills, hobbies, and likes to give you career options.

2. It's encouraged to try new things


When you move from high school to college, you're more than likely going to experience a ton of new things.  Trying these new things can initially be really scary, but you may surprise yourself and find something you absolutely love!  Don't worry, you don't have to go all out and get a piercing or a tattoo, but expanding your boundaries is never a bad thing.  My rebelling consisted of dying a strip of my hair pink.  I've now fallen in love with it and plan to get my tips done next!  The next picture (blue shirts) is of myself and my fellow Student Affairs Senator.  In high school I was never voted into ANYTHING until I finally just gave up and quit trying.  I took the initiative at college and was elected as my dorm's representative.  I was scared to represent such a large group of people, but I really enjoyed it and plan to run next year!  The first picture in the second row is of a couple friends and I before we went to a Toga Party.  I'd never been much of a party-goer, and it took a lot of begging to get me to go.  Even though I didn't enjoy myself a whole lot, I was still happy that I tried it.  And finally, we have the picture of me skiing.  Over spring break I went with one of my BEST FRIENDS to Wyoming.  I was scared out of my mind, but I had a lot of fun!!!

3.  Photobooth brings people together

Don't worry, I made friends without the use of this, but for some reason taking a million silly-effect pictures can move a person from acquaintance to friend in a couple snapshots. Whenever we needed a study break or were just plain bored, this app always seemed to entertain us, and it always left us in giggles.

4. The people you meet will be your life-long friends

I used to always think that I'd stay close with my high school friends through everything. As of now, I only really talk to about 4 regularly. It's not like I hate them or anything, but the sad truth is that we went our separate ways and neither of us made an effort to stay in contact. At school, I've met a whole group of people who have a lot in common with me, and who aren't just hanging out with me because we 'grew up together'.

5. You're never too old for a blanket fort

Let's get one thing straight: college can be very stressful. With homework, finals, extra-curriculars, and part-time jobs; you can get worn-thin easily. Sometimes, you just need to take a break and do something crazy. My 'crazy somethings' have consisted of: leaving a 3 page paper and browsing Barnes and Noble for an hour and a half, taking a Taco Bell/McDonald's run at 12 a.m., and building a spontaneous blanket fort that stayed up for most of the year. Doing something fun and spontaneous can sometimes be exactly what you need to de-stress yourself.

Obviously I've learned a lot more while at school, like: how to increase dialogue, what makes up the British government, and how to conjugate in the preterite form. I could honestly go on forever with more things I've learned, but I don't think Sabra wants me to completely take over her home page.


Thanks Lizzy! I wish I had thought to build a blanket fort in my dorm rooms! Oh well, I'll just have to talk my apartment roommates into it now. :)

Then we can eat Mighty Kids Meals in caps and play with our minion toys. . . oh wait, we did that last night. :)

Things I Learned In College: The Sticky Note Edition

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Hey y’all, I’m Paige from The Sticky Note Addict! I’m an organization-obsessed college student at UNC Chapel Hill, and you’ll find me blogging organization and cleaning tips, fashion favorites, gadgets/purses/shoes/anything I’m lusting for, and inspiration and advice. You’ll also wander across a few posts about my my hee-larious companion Bradley and absolutely adorable corg-sicle Gatsby.

Sabra was sweet enough to ask me if I would participate in her series, What I’ve Learned in College, and of course I responded with a big big big YESSSSS. I’m a sophomore now at UNC, and my first year of college was one full of successes, failures, and serious changes. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m really looking forward to the next three years.

So here it is — what I, the Sticky Note Addict, learned in college.

1. Sometimes, you belong exactly where you thought you did.

I knew, when I started college, that I was going to apply to write for The Daily Tar Heel and see how I liked working for a newspaper. But I had no idea that I was going to feel so at home with these incredibly unique and intelligent people. I knew I wanted to be part of the DTH, but I didn’t know how quickly it would become my thing. I’m joining the staff this year as an assistant editor, and I’ve found the place that I belong.

So, sometimes it works out like that. Sometimes you belong exactly where you want to be.

2. And sometimes you don’t actually enjoy something you thought you would.

I went into school as a history major, thinking I would love history as much as I did in high school. Nope. Hated it. Haaaated it. Also, I thought I would LOVE being away from home, and I was more homesick than anyone else I knew at school.

And that’s okay too. Things are different.

3. It’s okay to hate everything sometimes.

Some days while you’re at college, you will feel like the world is against you. You will hate your roommate, your dorm, your professors, your classes, your walk to campus every day, your bus route, your dining hall, anything and everything. Some days, you will get home from a really rough, awful day and just climb in bed. Some days, you will call your best friend from home or your mommy and just complain and complain. But you can do that, because some days will be awful. No matter what you do to prevent it.

Normal life is hard, but being in college, especially if you’re away from home, is even harder.

4. You cannot prevent overpacking.

You will pack too much when you go to school on the first day. You will bring too much home with you every time you go home. You will bring even more back with you every time you head back to school. And you will have more crap to move home than you’ve ever had in your life.

5. College girls generally dress the same.

And that’s fine too.

We all have our unique traits about us, but there is something so simple about a big school sweatshirt, leggings, and Uggs when it’s cold, or a frocket t-shirt, running shorts, and comfy shoes or sneakers when it’s hot out. I don’t care that every other girl dresses like me. If I want to be comfy, that’s what I have in my closet.

When we dress up, we all look different, but on a normal day in a big lecture hall, it’s like you’re seeing 1000 copies of the same girl.

And that’s my short and sweet list! Of course we’ve all learned so much, but that’s all I’m going to share with y’all! Thank you so much to Sabra for letting me participate in the fun!


Thank you Paige for guest posting!
Make sure to check out her blog and meet cute little Gatsby!
I might steal him :)