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The Weekender Project

Weekender Project || 13

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

ITS FRIDAY!! And I'm so excited!, except that the weekend doesn't have 100% the same meaning now since Simeon has Sunday and Monday off now instead, so it's more like that is our actual weekend. So maybe I'll be more excited tomorrow on my actual last day of the work week!

Maybe I should move these posts to Saturday. IDK, we'll see! I'm in unmapped territory right now and making the most of it! 

Well, onto my goals for this weekend!!

1|| Finish my New MPD Packaging - I decided over break that I wanted to offer more packages.  I want to stay affordable for the people starting out in blogging that just want their page to be pretty, but I also need to have larger and more costly packages for those who need and want more from me. 

2|| Finish Reorganizing our Bedroom & My office area - I'm currently sitting on a body pillow on the living room floor with my laptop on a ottaman. So obviously not the best working space. :)

3|| Spend Bonding Time with My Hubby - We FINALLY get to really hang out for the first time in weeks and I'm insanely excited about it! :)

The Weekender Project |12

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This past week was incredibly productive, and not at the same time. I've been working diligently on those giveaways that I mentioned (sneak peak at the bottom of THIS post!!), my apartment was decorated, and then the tree was redecorated after deciding to fall over in the middle of the night and spill water EVERYWHERE! And I've gotten some posts done! Not scheduling social media, but I should get that done this weekend! 

1| Set up 3 different giveaway!! DONE

2| Prep 4 Blog Posts for finals week

3| Finish decorating my apartment for Christmas!! DONE

This is the final weekend of my college career! I'm so excited for it to be done. I have one last final on Monday and my final day at work is on Wednesday! Then I get to go on a fun little trip with my mom to go get my sister from her first semester at college! I'm excited to get to see my little sister and my grandparents (she goes to school within a half hour of them!). And I mean, I get to road trip with my mom! What isn't fun about that!!! 

But onto this weekend first!

1| Finish cleaning the bedroom! - I completely rearranged our living room and bedroom this past month and I just need to finish a few things to have our house completely clean and wonderful! :)

2| Write 3 Blog Posts for next Week

3| Finish Christmas Cards

4| FInish organizing everything for 3 Wonderful Giveaways!!

Planner Giveaway Preview.png

The Weekender Project| 8

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I didn't do the Weekender Project last week as it was really a relaxing weekend! I was by myself and just spent the weekend catching up on things. I've also been having migraines, so I was bed bound for most of Saturday trying  to make it go away. If anyone has any migraine tips, I would love to hear them!

For this weekend, I'll actually be working from a hotel room in Missouri! We left last night for our trip and I've spent most of today chilling in our hotel room while Simeon is out networking at a Physics conference where he will present his research tomorrow!

So what am I up to this weekend?

1| Stock up on blog posts for November, so I can focus on NaNoWriMo.

2| Transfer blog from Blogger to Squarespace!

3| Edit Pintrest boards - Delete pins that don't go anywhere and that don't actually work.

4| Edit blog posts - add updates and new photos to old posts that aren't SEO friendly.

5| Relax with a Facial.

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Weekender Project| 7

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So I know the bar wasn't super high last week, but guys! I got everything done! lol

1| Study for Biochem.

2| Finish decorating MPD's new site

I literally only have four pages left to design for Midnight Photography & Design, and it is the details for my design portfolio. :) I'm extremely proud that I've been able to get so much done with MPD and balance this blog and school. While I haven't always put as much time into my studies as I probably should have, I'm still doing pretty good in my studies too.

I"m down to 68 days until I graduate! It seems so surreal. Simeon is starting to get some of his GRE scores back and we get to start planning more and more for next semester and our next adventure! Which is kind of terrifying but fun at the same time. I've started to get more excited talking about different places to move to and for Simeon to go to school in these different places. I haven't started looking or really planning what I'm going to do yet, but I'm hoping that will become more clear once we can start actually narrowing down to two or three places we will go.

As for next semester, I'm planning on turning this into a full time gig! I'll be devoting my full attention to this blog and MPD. I'm extremely excited but also nervous about this decision. I continue to pray about it to make sure it is the correct choice, and I would love if you guys would pray with me. Pray that I truly listen to God's decision. That I feel peace about the right decision and not continue to worry about it.

But lets go back to thinking about this weekend instead of the scary future!!

This weekend is going to be another decently chill weekend because my sister is back from college!!! So I'm going to go and hang out with her and my dad on Friday and then spend the night at my Mom's so I can hang out with her a bit as well. Then Saturday night, one of our high school friends is coming out to Brookings to hang out. So I plan on doing no work and having fun for those two days! We will see what happens Sunday though. We work in the nursery at school in the morning, then service, then Sunday Waffle Cones!!! :) I'm thinking of convincing Simeon that we need to get some pumpkins to decorate our apartment and hopefully deep clean out apartment.

So I guess that's my only project this weekend!

1| Deep clean the apartment!

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The Weekender Project| 6

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Last Weeks Weekender Goals




Research a new project

3| Clean off Desk


Do a stock photo photoshoot


Finish editing the Lindy & Saryn shoot

So close guys! SOOOO CLOSE!!!  

The Weekender Project 2015

So this weekend is going to be a lot less exciting. I am hoping to take a day trip to hang out with my mom on Saturday so I don't really have any plans.

But I always have today and Sunday to get things done!

1| Study for Biochem. - My first big exam is this Wednesday and I'm pretty nervous about it. It is a new professor and the first exam of only three for this semester. So it's kinda important.

2| Finish decorating MPD's new site - I took some pictures the other day ( one is used in the graphic above!) and I want to use them to add some fun to my site. So I just have to finish editing them and get them up! :) 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Have any projects of your own for the weekend?

Tell me in the comments below!!

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