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The Gothard Sisters

Weekender Project |4

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As promised!! Here are a few photos from last weekend!! I didn't actually go see too many concerts, and my favorite one was a night concert and I haven't figured out night photography yet. So unfortunatly I didn't catch that many phone photos either. But if you followed me on Snapchat you got to see some!! (SabeyG so you don't miss anymore!!)

But here is what I got.

My family has been working on this house since we moved to South Dakota in 2007. That is 8 years of destruction and construction and paint fumes and sweaty days. But it is truly worth it. Maybe someday I'll take wonderful photos of the inside as well. But right now, The outside and wonderful landscaping is all I have to give :D Also, i was super excited to get a picture of our new resident humming bird. He likes to fly into my stepdad's face and follow people around.

The final photo is a band named Vota. They are pretty interesting and the keyboard guy was hilarious to watch!

Now onto this weekend's goals!! It's going to be a busy weekend! And I have to survive puppy-sitting first! And that little lady is taking me for a ride! lol

1| Prepare for 3 Photoshoots!

2| Get MPD's Facebook up and Going!

3| Really, Really finish Prices for MPD

4| Spend  some Quality time with Simeon - we need it.

Oh, and by the way, this happened over the weekend last week as well!! And yes, I know my name is wrong! But they corrected it late! lol I was also in their newsletter!

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Irishfest 2015: The Gothard Sisters

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As I've stated before, I love going to Waterloo Irishfest every year!! It is just so much fun, the bands are great, and it is a perfect photography practice weekend!! This year only one of our past favorite bands was going to be there, so we were nervous and excited to get to listen to other bands and hopefully find some other ones that we would love as well. The Gothard Sisters were that band!! They were a joy to watch, and their music is beautiful!

I highly recommend looking up their music on Spotify! And I hope you love the photos as well. It is a long and slow process to dig through 1000 photos. But I'm enjoying sharing some of the ones that I've pushed through already. I'm hoping that my new laptop will help me get through them a little faster since it has a faster processor and I won't have to wait forever for the things that I'm trying to do to actually happen.


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