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Sweat It Wedesnday

Sweat It Wednesday | 2

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Did you know that working out consistently when you are super busy is like super hard? I really struggle with trying to wake up early or being super tired after a full day of  work and classes and getting normal housey/married life type things. So I am admitting to you guys that I've been pretty horrible at this whole work out thing. I think I've gotten better at watching my meals and putting a limit on pop and sweets (though we have Oreo Surprise in the fridge and it is driving me nuts!).

Past Weight: 230

Current Weight: 231

Weight Change:+1

But other than a number victory, I had a different kind of victory this week! Simeon commented that it looked like I had lost a lot of weight and that I looked skinnier. It was such a wonderful thing to hear because I have been feeling absolutly miserable about my current situation. I've been insanely self-consious and like I look horrible, so being told that I looked great made me feel wonderful. And Simeon isn't a person who would lie about something like this.

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Sweat It Wednesday #1

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It's been a pretty rough year for me, and to be honest, I gained a lot of weight that I don't want. So I'm trying to start working out more and I think that I will keep working towards it more if I make myself accountable by telling all of you as well. So every Wednesday I'm going to come back and inform you guys the amount of times I work out that week and how much closer to my goals I get each week!

I would love if you wanted to join in with me as well!!

Starting Weight: 237 lbs

Goal Weight: 175 lbs

WorkOuts this Week: 3

Current Weight: 230 lbs

Weight Lost: 7 lbs.

That seems like a big sudden weight lose but this is actually over three weeks so far, but I just wanted to make sure to I remembered where I started and where I was going. :D

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