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MPD: Stormie's Prom 2015

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A week ago, I got to go home and help get my sister ready for her Senior prom. To say there was a little reminicing would be a huge understatement! I couldn't beleive that the little flower girl that was chasing around a ringbare in what feels like just yesterday was going off to her Senior Prom with a longterm boyfriend. What is this nonsense?

NOt only that but it just feels so weird that my sister is already at a time in her life that I thought that I only just experianced a little bit ago. It just rubs into my face that I'm getting old. And my siblings are too. We took pictures with my SOPHOMORE brother and when I showed them to college friends, they didn't beleive that he was as young as I was telling them (needless to say, I got a little overprotective then lol).

One of my favorite things to try to capture this year was the work that my mom put into my sister's dress. My mom and sister have been chatting and planning for months for my mom to make my sister's dress. My mom hates it (but she dislikes anything that she creates unless she can just keep changing it a million times). But my sister and I love & adore the dress. So do a ton of people who have seen the dress so far!

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Stormie's Senior Pictures Take Two #MPD

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I finally finished Stormie's senior photos! It was so much fun to do her photos before, and I'm so excited to make her go out with me again this summer to keep stretching my legs on my new camera. I can't beleive that my sister is graduating in less than two months! She is officially accepted into Colorado State University and just bought her first car! She is sooo grown up!

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Stormie's First Prom

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My little sister was old enough to go to prom this year! I was so excited to make her look wonderful and look at her dress! That girl got this dress for $100 and was able to talk it down from $150 at a Prom Dress sale. It was a beautiful dress.

I also adored watching her and her friends all together. They were so much fun to photograph. And all absolute goofs.

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Summer Photography

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Yesterday's post about why I can't wait for Summer made me realize how very much I miss summer!! I had soooo much fun last summer, learning how to ride and take care of horses, getting to see my new favorite singer, Hunter Hayes, in a free concert! (Though it always gets shadowed by the thoughts that I got engaged that night as well!) And then there were the wonderful trips to see and be with family.

Oh I can't wait for the adventures of this summer. When I'm jumping into another whole summer of firsts! I get to start the summer as a newlywed. Spend the summer in a brand new apartment with my brand new husband. Work with horses that are smaller than me! Get to be a part of a buisness that I'm beginning to think is the only thing for me. Hopefully, figure out how to trot. :)

Oh Summer. I can't wait!

My beautiful little sister! :) We pulled over on the side of the interstate because she INSISTED that she need flowers. Right now. They grow up so fast. :)