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5 Tips to Get Your Family to the Table

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Billion Family Dinners Challenge campaign

. All opinions are my own. #BillionDinners


billion dinner challenge

ended for Simeon and I last night! To be honest, getting dinners in together was a lot harder than I thought it was, but it was fun to document the ones that we did get to have together. I was actually pretty proud that we were able to get to 11 dinners in two weeks! There were plenty of things that I have learned in the last few weeks on what it takes to really gather up even just two people around a dinner table to eat a meal without technology.  But even as difficult as it can be, there are so many things that make it worth it.

My top three are

1| We discussed our future

- right now there are a lot of things that are up in the air. We graduate in just a few months and have to start making decisions. Dinner was a good time to discuss the latest developments in the potentials for our futures.

2| Game Time

- My sister had the great idea that during our dinner together that we should play a game while we had dinner together and it was ridiculously fun!

3| Inside Jokes

- You have to get off your phones, TVs, and computers to create inside jokes with your friends and family. So seriously do it! These are the memories that you will always remember. The jokes that you will laugh about for years to come. And you can't make those staring at a screen constantly.

But obviously you have to get to the table with your dinner first.

So here are some tips to get there smoothly.

1| Plan Ahead

- Meal planning isn't something that I'm the best at, but it is something that helps get you to the table. Simeon and I don't eat until he gets home from work around 9:30 at night. If I don't have dinner done by then, it will be insanely late by the time we do.

2| Take Away Distractions

- Put your phone in another room. Move the TV out of the place where you eat. Just get the electronics away and don't get distracted! :)

3| Have Conversation Questions

- That's one of my favorite parts so far of the

DinnerCall app

. As it tracks your dinners together, it also gives you a conversation starter! It has a fun little question to start things off for you!

4| Clear a Spot to Eat

- If your little family is anything like mine, our dinner table is more for storage than it actually is for eating. We tend to either eat on our couch (because we like to watch shows) or on the floor in our living room. No matter where you eat, you really should make sure that you can eat together. Sitting next to each other or facing each other.

5| Get Everything Together

- With it being so late when we start eating, Simeon and I have a habit of just grabbing our food and only worrying about other needs as they come. But to be able to not have an interrupted conversation, it is best to get all those things (like your drink, condiments, or the salt & pepper) beforehand instead of constantly jumping up to get them!

If you haven't yet, take the

#BillionDinner Challenge

! I know you will love every second of it just as I did!

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Take the #BillionDinners Challenge with Me!

Sabra GilbertComment
This post is sponsored by the Billion Family Dinners Challenge campaign. All opinions are my own. #BillionDinners

Family dinners took on a different aspect when Simeon and I got married. Our family is just the two of us and is so late in the day that honestly, we just eat in front of the TV with one of our favorite shows playing (lately it has been either Leverage, Once Upon a Time, or the new Doctor Who). It isn't a big deal and we don't really connect during this time.

And it is nothing like I pictured our meals being like when we walked down that aisle to each other.

I had known that it was going to be crazy. Simeon works evenings at Walmart so he doesn't even get home until 9:30 at night. We are both still in school so the wear and tear of doing school, work, blogging, chores, and research, it all takes a toll on us by 9:30 at night. As introverts, we're both talked out at this time and just want to enjoy each others company with minimal talking, and just enjoy our show.

I wouldn't say that our meals are horrible together or anything.

But it's not what I want for our relationship. And this challenge is the perfect way to kick start a difference!!

What is the #BillionDinners challenge? It is a two week challenge to have 10 family meals together! No phones! No TV! No outside distractions! It doesn't have to be a fancy meal. Or in a fancy setting. As long as you are together with your family (be it big or small), you can join in this challenge!

Just download the DinnerCall app to your phone, log in, and set the timer for your meal.

Not convinced that you need to join in the Billion Family Dinners Challenge? Let me share some facts with you.

Did you know that just by eating together as a family you'll not only be able to learn more about each other and what happened in each other's days, but can lower obesity levels, lower substance abuse rates, and lead to happier and more secure children.

Now I know if you are reading this blog, you might not be in the position for children yet, but why not set the standards for family meals in the future by having them now?

Even if you aren't married and are away at college, friends are family too! Sit down and make a meal together in one of your apartment's and you would be surprised by how much fun you will have! Turn it into a board game night as well!

No matter what your situation is, get your group together, turn your phones on silent (remember the app tracks your time spent together!), and enjoy each other's company over a nice hot meal.

I'll be sharing my progress in the challenge over twitter and I can't wait to see your family dinner posts as well!!

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