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Snapchat for Blogging

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Guys. I'm in love with using Snapchat for blogging. The only curating that can happen with Snapchat is that people choose when they want to snap. So sure, you could only show off the wonderful moments, but  honestly, nobody wants to see the perfect on Snapchat. I love behind the scenes posts on blogs, so when some of my favorite bloggers openly gave out their snapchat users for others to follow along, I jumped on it.

But how can you use it as a social media platform?

Snapchat for Bloggers - Becoming Sabra Gilbert

There are plenty of different ways that I've seen it used in the last few months. I haven't used it in some of these ways yet, but I plan on doing so in the future, and I hope that these inspire you as well!!

Helene in Between (helenesula) - I love how she shows off her blog post every day. Obviously there is no way to link to it, but it gives a different kind of a preveiw than what can happen on any other form of social media.

Ashley Brook Designs (abdesigns)  - OMG if you have a shop of any kind, you need to follow this girl. She is pretty awesome at showing off her work daily in a nonchalant way. It is the best marketing strategy that I've seen! She shows off how she uses all of her own things every day like picking one of her own mugs every morning.

The College Prep (collegeprepster) -  Not only does Carly show super cute videos of her little pup, but she does little mini giveaways. She has her own stickers and has people snap her their address and she mails the first 100 or so her stickers!

I can't wait to start implimenting some of these techniques! So make sure to check out my Snapchat story on the regular to catch some fun preveiws, behind the scenes, and giveaways!! I don't know what I'm going to giveaway yet, but stay tuned!!

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