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Grown-Up Moments

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. . . Realizing that I'm planning MY WEDDING!

. . . Trying to pay lame bills.

. . . People asking when Simeon and I are going to have kids.

. . . Realizing that it would be fine for kids to be in the near future (near as in 4 years-ish)

. . . Realizing that I only have a year and a half left of school.

. . . Making concrete decisions about my career path.

. . . Planning a home.

. . . Merging financial accounts.

. . . Budgeting my money.

. . . Drinking coffee at 5:30 because I know I'm up for another 6 hours at least.

. . . Drinking coffee in general.

. . . Setting up meetings and appointment.

. . . Realizing that by summer I'm going to be married.

. . . Not making choices by myself only for myself.

 . . . Having people depend on me.

All these things make me feel like such a grown up. Some of them are wonderful, while others aren't that much fun at all. I guess it's all a part of my changing world and view points. Some things just seem crazy that it's even possible that I'm at that stage in my life.

What are some of your grown up moments?

College Life Inspiration

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Ever just feel burnt out?
Like there is just too much to do and you don't really see the point in doing it anyway.

Well, I am defiantly in that kind of a rut.
I don't wanna blog.
I don't wanna do my homework.
I kinda wanna wedding plan.
I mostly just wanna curl up in bed and cuddle and sleep.
That's it.

Every once in a while, I need a kick to the rear that gets me motivated to do everything that I want to and need to do to succeed in what I want to do.

So this week I made an inspiration board of why I am putting myself through years of schooling. Working two jobs. Trying to get internships on top of that.

Why do I work so hard?

Because I wanna wake up in the morning and know that I get to go take care of God's creatures. I may be shoveling poop and doing mediocre things for the most part, but I know I'm going to love every second of bonding and caring for any and all the animals in the zoo that I can possibly be given the responsibility for.

I want to maybe open up an animal reservation some day and take care of a few big cats that are my own. That, since they cannot be returned to the wild after a life in captivity, can live as free of a life as possible. I want to help bring back such a wonderful species and fight to keep them from extinction.

I want to do my small part.
To make a large impact on a child, adult, or animal that could someday help change how zoos and animals in general are viewed.

Ok, and maybe sometimes I just wanna cuddle with a baby animal. But who doesn't? 
Those things are all so freaking adorable!

If I Won the Lottery. . . .

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To be honest, I would probably go a little nuts with spending at first.
I'm kinda like that.

I would ... off my student loans and credit card.
... put some aside to keep paying for school in the future.
... get a smartphone.
... put money aside for my wedding.
... help my parents finish the house/ pay someone to finish the house for them.
... take my family (and Simeon) on a trip to Hawaii.
... buy myself a Prius, smart car, and a manly truck!
... get Simeon a nice car.
... donate some.
... go to a One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Hunter Hayes concerts.
... save some for the future. (kids, Pintrest-dream house, that kind of thing)
... invest.
... go to Europe with Simeon.
... buy Claire, but see if I can keep her at the horse unit until I have a ranch to put her on. (I would pay for her food and rent and such :)

I would still plan to work in the future. I did not start schooling for nothing!!

Things I Learned in College: Distance Relationships I

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So this topic is going to be split in two since I have two different opinions on it.
That it isn't that bad.
and that it really sucks at the same time.

For part one, I'm going to begin with how it was awesome. :)

1| You have to be crazy creative for dates.
Yes, Simeon and I still had dates when we were 4 hours apart. It could be something as easy as a scheduled super long phone call, or as complicated as timing a TV show/Netflix exactly right on two different laptops. Distance puts the focus on anything, but the physical part of any relationship. There was no cuddling during movies, so instead we discussed them the whole time instead. There was no constantly being together, so instead there were long talks about our day and other deeper things instead.

2| You get to skype.
This was my favorite because I would take pictures of Simeon when he wasn't paying attention. Which is a lot of fun. :)

Isn't he adorable? :)

Back off ladies! He's all mine :)

3| Even though we have dated since high school, we got to grow as people separately, and not just into one lump of a person.

Totally made this in high school. I could probably find more pictures now to go with it!
4| We learned to value our time together so much more.
When you only get a few days or a few hours with a person at a time, you start to completely adore this time and want to spend every single second together, instead of growing tired of one another. While we now get to see each other daily, I still like to be able to sneak a moment with him when I'm at work and he is getting out of class, just to say hi. Because we can. :)

My Life in 5 Years

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This is one question that I really hate at the moment.

Where will your life be in 5 years?

Really, at this point, its truely up in the air and completely dependent on God to lead me the right way. What slightly sucks is the realization that some things that I would need to happen in the next 5 years, are not even in the cards. Like the fact that I have fallen in love with the cutest little filly I have ever met, and there is no way that I will be in a position in my life that I can buy her, even if it is 5 years from now.

The way and things that I want in my life in 5 years to happen seems pretty simple.
I will be graduated from SDSU!
Now whether or not I go on for more schooling as a veterinarian or jumping straight into a the job force as a zoo keeper is of course up in the air.
I plan to be married. :) and hope that I hear 2 little feet (maybe four) running around our apartment. I highly doubt that we will be in any perminant area that we would want to buy a home in.
Simeon will most likely still be going through school as he plans to become a Physics professor someday.
I also hope to have a little corgi fur baby running around with the little one as well.
As I will no longer be a college student, I probably won't be running this blog anymore but trust me, I don't plan to be out of the blogging world!
I have plans up my sleeve.

I am soo excited for the future to happen. I know we are suppose to enjoy the season that we are in, but sometimes, I can be so impatient for what is to come.

I am so tired of classes.
I want to pick out my wedding dress like tonight. Right now? Whose with me?
Who isn't curious about how many children you are going to have and what they are going to look like?

I am enjoying my life as a college student, learning how to actually cook real meals and take care of my apartment, and just being Simeon's girlfriend, but I enjoy and patiently pursue the options of tomorrow as well.