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(Late) Wedding Wednesday: The Rings

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments

I love wedding Wednesdays :) Its always just a pain remembering to take pictures of the things that I already have done. This was one of the things that I was so surprised that we would have done so early already. :) We ended up getting drawn to go to a cookware demonstration, where if we sat through the whole thing we could pick between getting out wedding bands for free or getting a trip out of country for almost free. We choose to get our wedding bands.

We were then so excited about getting out wedding bands for free that we couldn't resist getting them right away so we sat down that night and picked our favorites. I was surprised by how many we had to choose from and yet how simple Simeon and I both decided we wanted our rings to be. He could choose between three different metals and at least 15 different designs of each kind of metal.

We both choose a simple silver bands with no designs on the sides or anything.

Just simple beauty.

Then, since we were getting the bands for free, we decided that we would get them engraved.This was my favorite part. Choosing the words and the font that would forever show our devotion to each other.
(Was that a little too cheesy?)

Simeon & Sabra 5.17.14

Aren't they beautiful?