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Pintrest Win: Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sabra GilbertComment
So, I think I've made it pretty clear in the last week or so. I am a Pintrest addict. But I'm not just all pin and no action. I love trying different things! Well. . . ok not really all the time. but within a few limits I love trying different things. I never would have even thought to try this recipe, if it wasn't for Simeon's love for Chinese and dispise for spending money on eating out. So I thought I would try to find something to make at home. And on Pintrest, I found this recipe from Life in the Lofthouse by Holly. Now she recomends making it with stir fry, Simeon and I usually just make a giant plate full and eat until we can eat it no more. :) It is one of our favorite special night dinnners. Special night because it takes two people and two hours to make. So you need to be able to start it early, unlike most of our nights where Simeon doesn't even get off work until 9:30 PM.

 Now these pictures are from January. (No ring on Simeon's finger yet!) But I found them and couldn't just not share this wonderful meal with you! I may be eating it as I type! So go try it! It's wonderful! It's super easy to make. Only takes a few things that might not already be in your kitchen. Make it with stir fry. Eat it alone. Just make sure that you try it!

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