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3 Signs You Are Too Stressed

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1| You wake up at 4 in the morning with your to do list running through your head.

2| Said to do list doesn't leave you alone until you get up and at least prepare yourself for doing part of it that day. Like writing out the list or cleaning something.

3| Looking at said list makes you too overwhelmed to do any of it and you just curl up in bed and watch Frozen instead.

3rd one hasn't happened to me yet today, but I got a wake up call on why I should have looked at my planner this weekend instead of just having fun at my Couple's Shower and spending time with Simeon on Saturday or letting myself just curl up in bed all day to deal with my headache all day on Sunday.

Checklist now includes. . .

Study for Exam that I forgot about.
Attend Pre-martial counseling
Make advising appointment to discuss next semester and register for all classes.
Actually decide on what classes I need to take next semsester.
Make my alterations appointment.
Send out the last few invitations, Bridal shower thank yous, and Couple's shower thank yous.

I'll try to put all of this into a 5 for 5 list for tomorrow.

Quotes To Survive.

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Ever just hit that part of a school year or semester where you don't know how you are going to survive the rest? 


So thats just me then?

I think that's a lie!

Well, anyway, here are some awesome quotes to perk you up when being a grown up gets you down!