You and Me & Chasing Little G


Fox Bentley || 4 Months

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Guys! My teeny tiny little pup is getting soooo big! He has grown up so much since we picked him up at 5 weeks old. It completely blows me away!

Weight: Between 35 & 40 pounds

It's official. We don't have a medium sized dog. He is going to be large. Very large.

Height: Good Question

Ok, so I have no idea how tall he is, but when he stands on his back legs, his front paws can hit my waist.  Easily. He also has discovered that he can easily counter surf. So that's fun. We are learning new things to say no to him for every day!


He is LOVING being at Grandma's house and playing with the dogs all the time. And when the back door is open and they can run inside or to the backyard whenever they want to! My mom's water fountain is a big hit too. The dogs all drink water out of the waterfall fountain and when it was getting cleaned, we actually had a problem with Fox refusing to drink water out of the bowl! He had such a dry nose until I sat down with him and a bowl of water and made him drink it! Then he realized he was really thirsty and drank the water! 

While he loves playing with the other two, he also loves having plenty of time alone with mommy and daddy! We took an hour and a half walk last night and he ate up every second of it! And sometimes will even come into our room sneekily so the other dogs don't follow him and cuddle on the bed with us.

Speaking of bed, Simeon and I bought a new fluffy, queen sized bed that he adores. It took a few days to talk him into willingly going to his crate at night to sleep since he just wanted to sleep on the bed!


Moving. He really, really hated when we were packing everything up and we were moving! I'm not looking forward to next month when we have to do it all over again and then end up in a completely new place! He is all confused on where home is and on our walk, he was trying to walk up to every porch and go inside. He was just so confused! It then didn't help that because he has gotten so big, he needed all new stuff!

We originally got things thinking that he would only be up to 40 pounds. But no. So he has gotten a new crate, new collar, and new bed, but isn't 100% ready to give up the old stuff yet. He also has a new bowl, one of those "fun" bowls to make them eat slower. He hates it. He can't always get the food out and needs help at the end of his bowl. But he has learned to slow down! he had to eat out of a regular bowl today and still chewed his food! Which is amazing considering he used to just inhale it!

Fox Bentley: 12 Week Pupdate

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So this is our last weekly update, from here out I'll move to monthly! But don't worry, you will still see plenty of photos of Fox around. Mostly likely at the end of my Weekender Project project posts which will be getting started up again this Friday!

Twelve Week Pupdate.jpg

WEIGHT: 20.6 Pounds

Guys. It's official. Our puppy is huge. And he doesn't really show any signs of slowing own. My vet made a joke that we might have a hundred pound dog on our hands and Simeon and I froze. We will love him no matter his size, but OMG if he gets that big, I don't know what we will do! He still has to fit into an apartment!!


I don't know but OMG he is getting sooo tall! Even taller than his full grown sister Hazel!


Going to grandma's house! We had to go there Thursday night to help with my mom's daycare in the morning, and while he had been throwing a fit the entire car ride for some reason, he was INSANELY excited when he realized where we were when he got out of the car and ran straight to the front door!

The dog park is his all time favorite. He comes home so tired, its crazy! Make sure to follow on snapchat (SabeyG) to see more of his crazy adventures!


He hates baths. Like hard core I am not looking forward tot he bath that I have to give him tonight after rolling around in the dirt with Snickers. He also has decided that I can only sleep if he feels like sleeping too and will not be constrained to his pen in the morning so mommy can sleep in a little longer. That is a no go. 


He gives high fives now!! It started with him hitting my hand with two paws which has turned into one, though Simeon thinks its just Fox deciding to be lazy. I find it adorable. On potty training, we had some issues at grandma's house but he has only had a few accidents this week at home.  So hopefully, this will continue to improve.

At the dog park there are agility equipment and Fox loves it! He runs up and down ramps and sits on little circles. He even does the jumps!! We're quite proud of him.