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Prom 2010

Our First Date

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment

Our first date was planned out months ahead. . . Does that sound weird? Well, it shouldn't. . . since it was Prom. Or was my school just weird in that dates were picked by January, groups of people going together were usually decided by February, with the limo booked by March? Simeon and I were going as just friends. Niether one of us were aware that the other actually liked them (Actually that  might be a lie, Simeon was probably able to tell way before I knew that there was something up). We fought through most of that time to. Not like super hard core fighting, but disaggreements that escalated because they were actually based on something that neither one of us knew what we were actually fighting about.

Simeon wasn't mad that I wouldn't let him wear a kilt to prom, he was mad that I hadn't read his mind that he was going to ask me to Prom and let a friend set me up with a guy from another school instead. Said guy ended up not being able to go so Simeon then asked me, but was still upset about not being my "first choice".

I (on top of just not wanting Simeon to wear a kilt) was upset about the fact that Simeon was self proclaimed never going to date in college. Which meant (I thought) that the whole me being head over heels for him was completely crazy and really annoying that I couldn't get over it.

But that's not the point. By the time we got to prom day came around, we were doing a lot better. We still hadn't explained the real problems to each other yet. But it was no longer a focal point as we all got excited and busy with planning and counting down the days until the awesome night.

The whole night was awesome. We had a limo and the driver totally let us do a Chinese fire drill in the middle of our hometown. We took tons of pictures and danced the night away.

By the end of the night, I knew I was screwed. I was head over heels for this guy that spent the night twirling me on the dance floor. It had felt like his eyes were only on me and I was giddy over his silly dance moves.

Wow, to think that this was all over 4 years ago now. :) We were so young.