You and Me & Chasing Little G


Getting Ready for Little G || Maternity Photography

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One thing that I have always looked forward to for during pregnancy was to be able to take maternity photos. I've always thought they were gorgeous and I couldn't wait to be the one in them caressing my baby bump. And of course, there was no way I was going to be able to do that without our fur babies as well!

Looking back on these, I can't believe I was actually so big! Everyone always told me I was tiny and I honestly didn't feel like I got that large of a belly! But as you will see, I was wrong! Though when I hold Gemma, I still can't believe that there was any way that she ever fit inside me.

Well, here they are! Along with a sneak peak of Gemma's Nursery!

Photographer is Alyssa from Three Dot Studios

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Weekender Project| 5

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Ok, so last week's Weekender Project just didn't happen. Simeon was hardcore studying all week for his Physics GRE and I was running around trying to get everything else done around the house and just trying to support him in the process. But! I did get some of those goals done! And I'll share those and this weekends goals.

1| Prepare for 3 Photoshoots!

2| Get MPD's Facebook up and Going!

3| Really, Really finish Prices for MPD

4| Spend  some Quality time with Simeon - we need it.

So, once again I didn't finish the photography prices for MPD. My design prices are set! But photography is throwing me more for a loop. Mostly because I haven't decided exactly what kind of shoots that I want to do. I'm still pretty open in what I will do. But at least my Facebook page is up!

Make sure to head over to facebook and like it

!! You know you want to!

As I am also moving home sites for Midnight Photography & Design, I will no longer be doing posts specificaly showing off my photoshoots and blog designs. So all sneak peaks will be through MPD's




, and as always, Snapchat (SabeyG)! I will be telling you when things go up on MPD's new squarespace blog with a weekend MPD spotlight!

Ok, on to this weekend!!


2| Research a new project

3| Clean off Desk

4| Do a stock photo photoshoot

5| Finish editing the Lindy & Saryn shoot (the 3 shoots mentioned above kinda squashed into one!)

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MPD Spotlight: Inspiration Boards

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I'm starting a new weekly installment! I've been working a lot behind the scenes to get Midnight Photography & Design going. Maybe not as much as I should have at times, but that is all about to change as I'm kicking MPD into overdrive!! I'm working on more design aspects and making a Facebook page! So I've decided that a pretty fun way to keep me moticated to finish quickly and really start getting work done, would be to show off what I've been working on in a Saturday Spotlight slot on here.

So first off is the inspiration board for the new branding and design that I've been working on for this place!! I am renaming and rebranding!! I've been thinking about it for a while and Becoming A Gilbert just didn't seem to fit anymore after the honeymoon phase of being married, but as I'm a twenty-something still trying to find myself, Becoming Sabra Gilbert seems more fitting. I'm graduating and honestly, I don't know what I'm doing with my future. So here is my chance to really make this space something that should fit me for a lot longer than a few months. And this new name makes for a wicked awesome logo!

Time to share more about the photoshoots that I was talking about yesterday! Here are the inspiration boards for the shoots I'm doing today! I've  convinced a bestie and her younger sister to let me use them as models for some fun styled shoots. With Saryn, since she has a pretty modern edgy look, I'm hoping to do some some fun, super modelly beauty pictures. I'm really excited about it! And think that it will turn out pretty awesome!!

With Lindy, she's always been a country girl, so i'm looking forward to getting some super country photos of her and hopefully, we will be using the school's horses as well. :)

Then I'm going to make her and her sister be all lovey dovey with each other and take cute sisterly photos together. I'm super excited for that too! That family is hilarious and I know that it is going to be wonderful.

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Graduation Shoot Inspiration Board

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One thing that has been really fun about getting MPD off the ground is getting to do fun photo shoots with my friends!! It helps me to really learn what works best for me before, during, and after each shoot!

I've usually just looked at few pictures on Pintrest and went into the shoot with little preparation, other than remembering to charge my battery.

While I still love using Pintrest to get inspired for a shoot, I've decided to start being even more pro-active with it and make an inspiration board with the images that I feel have the kind of look that I plan on going for in the shoot. None of these photos are mine, and can all be found on my Pintrest boards.

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