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Why You Need a Fresh 48 Session

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Have you even heard of a Fresh 48 newborn session?

But I'm telling you guys, you need one! There are so many things that change about your baby and yourself just while you are in the hospital. So many things that need documented in those first few days. Things that you later will realize you were way too sleep deprived to actually remember, like how wrinkly they are and squishy. Or if you are like me, in too much pain and worrying about recovering to remember. To remember where you spent your first few days with your baby.

Fresh 48-01-02.jpg

While you can do newborn photos once you get home, I've always been a bigger fan of lifestyle photos. (As you could probably tell from our maternity shoot!) You can capture so much more with a lifestyle shoot than just pretty faces. A Fresh 48 newborn session in the hospital means that you can catch how actually tired and worn out you are in those first few days. I know that doesn't sound pretty, but it was real life.


Capturing Forgotten Memories

While I'll admit that the photo above isn't one of my all time favorites due to how crappy i feel like I look, it was real. The most effort I put in before this photo shoot was actually getting dressed for once while in the hospital! Though part of me even wishes that I hadn't. That I had stayed the way I had been most of my stay in the hospital. In the hospital gown and honestly, mostly topless learning to feed Gemma or doing skin to skin with her.

There is also just so much newborn newness that is already lost in the first couple of days. The first photo that I have of my daughter, she is a fluffed up little purple  thing. And already by day two when we took our photos, she's resembling more of a baby. Already learning to stretch out compared to the bunched up little baby I held the first day.  And then there is a difference waiting a week for newborn photos! So different already!


Even just the room where we spent our first few days with Gemma. It meant so much to have photos of us sitting in the hospital bed with her or of her in her hospital bassinet that I spent times pushing around the halls while I worked on figuring out how to walk again after c-section. I'll always have those memories now. Memories I know I would have forgotten in the fog of the first few days of being a mother.

All the Baby Details

By a week out of the hospital, all her little wrinkles were gone and so were the flakes of skin that we spent that entire week trying to rid her of. (What happens when little stinkers are a week late and no longer have the vernix protecting their skin in the womb!). She’s already re-gaining the weight that she had lost those first few days (though she wouldn’t be back up to birth weight for another week or so.)

So many things change so quickly. I like to remember all the little bands they had on her feet, how tiny her feet even were those first few days.


Capturing Baby Keepsakes

We also brought a few little goodies that we knew would be important for family members to see Gemma wrapped in right away. Handmade blankets and hats that all hold so much meaning for us. Simeon's mom had made a girl blanket 30-something years ago and then had all boys and found it for Gemma. My mom made a replica of the baby blanket/sleeping blankie I had when I was younger. And my best friend's grandmother made a sweet receiving blanket and hat for Gemma. These were things I wanted to remember right off the bat.

My little girl is turning 9 months in a few weeks. And man, the things that have changed by now are so numerous, I doubt I could write them all out in a post! She’s still a tiny squish, but her hair turned strawberry blonde! After being so, so dark in these photos! I’ll forever love this Fresh 48 Newborn session and plan to do them again and again and again!

Weekender Project |4

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As promised!! Here are a few photos from last weekend!! I didn't actually go see too many concerts, and my favorite one was a night concert and I haven't figured out night photography yet. So unfortunatly I didn't catch that many phone photos either. But if you followed me on Snapchat you got to see some!! (SabeyG so you don't miss anymore!!)

But here is what I got.

My family has been working on this house since we moved to South Dakota in 2007. That is 8 years of destruction and construction and paint fumes and sweaty days. But it is truly worth it. Maybe someday I'll take wonderful photos of the inside as well. But right now, The outside and wonderful landscaping is all I have to give :D Also, i was super excited to get a picture of our new resident humming bird. He likes to fly into my stepdad's face and follow people around.

The final photo is a band named Vota. They are pretty interesting and the keyboard guy was hilarious to watch!

Now onto this weekend's goals!! It's going to be a busy weekend! And I have to survive puppy-sitting first! And that little lady is taking me for a ride! lol

1| Prepare for 3 Photoshoots!

2| Get MPD's Facebook up and Going!

3| Really, Really finish Prices for MPD

4| Spend  some Quality time with Simeon - we need it.

Oh, and by the way, this happened over the weekend last week as well!! And yes, I know my name is wrong! But they corrected it late! lol I was also in their newsletter!

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Iowa Irishfest 2015

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Wanna know something crazy? When you suddenly realize that you have been going to an event for five years. And said event only became a tradition AFTER you graduated high school. That's a long time people!! This year marked the fifth time that Simeon and I packed up and road tripped to Waterloo, Iowa for a Iowa Irishfest to see one of our favorite bands, Gaelic Storm, and venture out to see and meet new ones!

Lindy and I on the first day of Irishfest!! Notice anything different between this picture and my About Me pic? I chopped my hair off! And dyed it! But honestly, I'm just waiting for it to grow back at this point. which is going to take forever.

I think that one of my favorite things to do every year is to photograph the bands! I was super excited to actually have a nice camera this year to get some wonderful photos. And I actually did most of them in manual too! Which was a first for me and extremely exciting! I'll have to keep working on it and the night concert photos didn't come out the best, but I'm hoping to improve on that before next year!

Above is some Gaelic Storm photos as I've only just started to edit the million and one pictures that I took. :)

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MPD: Stormie's Prom 2015

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A week ago, I got to go home and help get my sister ready for her Senior prom. To say there was a little reminicing would be a huge understatement! I couldn't beleive that the little flower girl that was chasing around a ringbare in what feels like just yesterday was going off to her Senior Prom with a longterm boyfriend. What is this nonsense?

NOt only that but it just feels so weird that my sister is already at a time in her life that I thought that I only just experianced a little bit ago. It just rubs into my face that I'm getting old. And my siblings are too. We took pictures with my SOPHOMORE brother and when I showed them to college friends, they didn't beleive that he was as young as I was telling them (needless to say, I got a little overprotective then lol).

One of my favorite things to try to capture this year was the work that my mom put into my sister's dress. My mom and sister have been chatting and planning for months for my mom to make my sister's dress. My mom hates it (but she dislikes anything that she creates unless she can just keep changing it a million times). But my sister and I love & adore the dress. So do a ton of people who have seen the dress so far!

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