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Our Valentine's Day

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This year we had a pretty interesting day! It started very very relaxed, then lots of time in the car, and then a fun musical show and dinner!! 

My little sister's birthday is today, so we thought it would be fun to head to my parent's house Saturday night to hang out with her. But she ended up taking a babysitting job, but I was content to chit chat with my mom and play with her pups. I don't think Kya and Snickers have officially gotten an introduction on this blog before, and I'll have to make sure to do that this summer! But I love going to my parents house and seeing them! Its a mini celebration of whines, jumping, and plenty of face licks EVERY SINGLE TIME i walk through that front door. And honestly, I'm in love with every second of it! And I always love a good chat with my mom! We stayed up playing with puppies and hanging with my mom until my sister came home from babysitting, and then I got to hang out with her (and see my brother too!). We did normal sisterly stuff like picking out Valentine's Day outfits at midnight and a few light punches were thrown (she may be my little sister, but she is taller and picks on me more than the other way around!!). 

Our Valentine's Day || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

In the morning, I woke up earlier than Simeon and had some one on one time with Kya, who is the older puppy and needs some more loving when little snicker's isn't up and jumping all over EVERYONE's faces. (seriously, that 2 month old puppy finds it funny to sit on Kya's head all the time.). Kya loves to cuddle on the couch and get her tummy rubbed and then we headed upstairs to jump on Simeon in the bed and she gave him some kisses and cuddled in bed with us. And then we got attacked by Snickers as well.

But all too soon, it was time to leave for our 3 hour trip to Omaha! 

But Simeon and I love road trips (as proved by multiple snaps on my snapchat! Follow along with the username SabeyG). We sing. We talk about the future. We had the fun of using science to figure what the heck happened to our cream soda's once we opened them. (We had left them in the car overnight, but had stayed liquid. As soon as we opened them, they turned to slush slowly. We figure that the lose of pressure and carbonation changed the melting point of the cream soda to low enough to solidify with how cold they were from being in the car overnight. Science people! :)) And then we sang some more. Cause that's what we do.

Our first stop was Lincoln, NE, where Simeon would be touring the campus and looking at the grad school today! We checked into our hotel and dressed in some of our finest! Then we headed out to Omaha for a night with our friend's from Grace University and to have a dinner to donate to a great cause. Getting the Grace University choir to New York!

The dinner was great, and the show was even better! While I thought the rendition of Anything You Can Do would be the highlight of my night (it was fantastically done by a married couple and hilarious!), it was outdone in entertainment by a made up song called The Cat's Duet by the campus musical director and his wife as they sang a beautiful song all in meow's (complete with fluffy cat ears!!). I was giggling and smiling through the whole act and it was amazing! 

Afterwards, we spent a little time catching up with a ton of people that we don't get to see very often. Living in South Dakota and in school, it made it pretty difficult to see this group of friends that Simeon brought into our lives while attending Grace University is pretty difficult, though it's always a blessing and super fun to see them all! And it is something that make moving to Lincoln a great option (though still not the front runner, but that's a story for another day!). 

So instead of spending the day being uber romantic and secluded, we spend the day of love surrounded by so many people that we love! And I have to admit to it being one of my favorite Valentine's Day yet!!

What did you do for your day of love? :)