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Back to School: The Final Semester Bucket List

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Wow, I can't believe the time is finally here! I start my final semester of college today, which seems crazy. I really never thought this day would come. Junior year was so rough. I suddenly had to adjust to living in an apartment off campus, having Simeon back in town, being a bible study leader, planning a wedding, having two jobs, and all that on top of taking 17 credits each semester. I did the worse that I had ever done in classes before and I had taken on way more than I could handle. But I've come so far from that rough year.

I've decided to really take a chill semester after the last few years being rougher than I would have liked. By only taking the classes that I need to graduate (only 7 credits!), I'm hoping to have more time to really dedicate to ramping up MPD and my blogging path. I"m also hoping to have time to workout and dedicate myself to spending more time in the word. When responsibilities started piling up last year, it was extremely hard for me to have a strong personal relationship with God because I had to check so many other things off my list in a week because of my responsibilities to other people. I'm looking forward to trying to be better at forging and continuing discipleship relationships with my old bible study girls as I'll now be freer to dedicate the kind of time that you really should in these kind of relationships.

So here is my Final Semester Bucket List!!

1| Climb the Campanile

2| Go the the Hobo Day Parade with Friends

3| Enjoy my final Hobo Day Football Game

4| Make $200 a month with MPD & this blog to loosen up our budget

5| Follow our new Budget

6| Fill out my Graduation Application

7| Graduate

8| Settle into a Daily Devotional Time

But even crazier than this whole final semester business, is that my little baby sister is starting college today as well. I know that she will love it, but I also know that being so far away from family will be a little rougher on her than it was for me to come only an hour away to SDSU. She took off to Colorado the little rascally brat! :) She will be our only a few minutes away from our grandparents so I know she will have some fun! She's talking about starting a blog so maybe I'll be sharing some of her posts soon!! :)

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Branding Board: Becoming A Gilbert

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  Blog design is something that I have started to truely love and grow in. I don't only want to be doing this for fun, but I would love to start doing it professionally as well. I've done one for a friend (you can see that here), but I also design for myself as well! As you can see the entire design (obviously cause to be reading this you are on my blog! :)), I wanted to share my branding board as well.

I wanted to go for a more professional, yet whimpsical feeling around my blog. It is my release from the stressful world of papers, homework, and housework so I wanted to use relaxing colors in blue and green. The part that I am proudest of at the moment is the catagory buttons. It took so long to get them just right and I couldn't say that I have ever made anything that I am prouder of.

Now, since I am new to all of this, I would love to hear feedback from you guys! My readers! I'm in the process of building a website to hopefully turn this into something that I can do for others on a regular basis. With all of this in the works, I really want to find out how other bloggers like my work and the whole design process to work so that I can start refining the process that I usually go through with myself. I think I'll make a survey to find out in more detail if my process would work for others as well. :)

but for now. . . :D

Do you like the design?
Do you like the format of the branding board?

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