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Why We Work

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We work because we are both incredibly nerdy. As in plant ourselves in front of the computer and watch Doctor Who, League of Legends, or Avatar. All Day. Any Day.

We work because neither of us can focus on something for too long in seriousness. We have to goof off or make faces at each other or something.

We work because we understand when the other needs to be lazy and then be super nice and take care of stuff for them.

We work because we literally think the exact same thing sometimes. Example: (me thinking in my head) 'hmmm if we are almost done with New Doctor Who, then we should watch Classic Doctor Who next!' (Simeon out loud) "Wanna watch Classic Doctor Who after we are done with this season?"

We work because cuddles are the best in both of our opinions.

We work because I can cook an awesome dinner, and he can fix my car.

We work because we both have the same alarm tone and both dispise the sound of it going off.

We work because we love to surprise each other.

We work because we are passionate. About each other and things that are in our lives.

We work because we learn and grow in our faith together.

We work because Simeon remebers everything that I love and surprises me with it.

We work because I make him brownies on rough days.

We work because he can explain physics to me and I can educate him on horses.

We work because we are each others best friend.

Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Story

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So apparently I'm a terrible blogger!
I haven't even shared my engagement story yet!

So to begin, let's take you back to the morning of August 9th, 2013.

I was scrambling around the house running late as usual. Simeon knocked on my apartment door and I went running with my hair half done and a no make-up face. And there he was with a giant smile and my favorite flower, lilies.

(Flowers, though they didn't have the ring in them when I got it)

I excitedly put them in water and finished running around my apartment getting ready for our big date today. A day at the Sioux Empire fair that would lead to a Hunter Hayes concert that I had been begging to go to for months!

We finally arrived at the Sioux Empire fair around 11 o'clock in the morning. Where we then spent the rest of the day watching horses, and visiting the petting zoo. We wandered around almost every single booth I'm pretty sure. We watched some acrobatic dogs and chowed on corndogs.

Around 4 o'clock, I decided that it was time to jump in line for Hunter Hayes (who wouldn't even hit the stage until 8 PM). We weren't even close to the beginning of the line at this point! We were already hundreds of people behind.So Simeon and I camped out in line on the hard ground playing war for about an hour before the line started to slowly move. We talked with people around us and made some friends. Soon the line was moving fast as they finally let people start to go into the stadium.

I was like a little kid on Christmas. Jumping up and racing when the line moved. I was so excited for the night. I even commented on how memorable these next 24 hours would be. I had already had a wonderful day with Simeon, we were about to see Hunter Hayes, and we were leaving to see my Grandparents in Colorado around 2 in the morning. Simeon just laughed at me.

We finally were standing in front of the stage (About 30 feet back but STILL!). Going through my, "I"m a photographer" stage, I tried to take a ton of super artsy photos, with Simeon protecting me from the bunch of randomly shirtless boys that appeared around us and all the girls trying to push us back. Even though it was really hot out, I enjoyed getting to cuddle with Simeon (we also had no other choice since it was soo packed!) People were insanely rambunctious though! By the time the concert started, I had already been given a bad headache since someone thought it was a great idea to throw a water bottle up in the air with ice in it.

Finally, the concert started and I was soo excited. Hunter Hayes is great in concert and makes THE funniest faces while singing and playing his guitar. I was having a blast with Simeon's arms around me singing along.

Soon the concert was over way too fast and Simeon and I were racing the crowds to try to get out before the rush. We were both starving so we went to our favorite place in Sioux Falls, Frying Pan! We enjoyed goofing off and cuddling and just going on and on about what a wonderful day it had been so far.

Next, we decided to head off to The Falls as we had planned to sit in one of our favorite places.

When we got there, SImeon told me to close my eyes and not turn around. Well, I suck at surprises and totally didn't listen and just had to peak at what he was getting out of the trunk.

He had wine glasses and sparkling grape juice!
Along with a blanket to cuddle up on.

We enjoyed some time sipping our sparkling grape juice and talking about all the different memories that had occurred in this area. We had taken our first Prom pictures here, before we were even dating. We had just a few months earlier had our three year anniversery picnic in this exact same spot.

After we were done with our glasses, we decided to look at the stars for a little bit. I put my head on Simeon's stomach and all I could hear was this giant pounding sound. I laughed and made a comment to which Simeon told me he wasn't feeling too well. So I got all motherly and made him sit up and asked if he wanted to go or anything.

He told me no. So we sat for a little bit longer when Simeon started up his new game that had started in the last month.

"Will you marry me?"

"No, you don't have a ring and you aren't on one knee." was the same reply I had been giving all month. When he did get on one knee.

"Now, will you marry me?"

I laughed and told him there was no ring, how could I marry him.

He got a mischievous smile on his face and pulled something out of his pocket. All I saw was glitter and I remember faintly hearing him repeat those words again, to which my first response was

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!? yes, yes yes yes yes."

I know he had more to say after that, but we both honestly don't remember anything that he said while i was tackling him with kisses and hugs and crying and just being an emotional wreck. Somewhere in that he slipped the ring on my finger,

and the rest is history.

Wedding Wednesday: Taking Engagement Pictures

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So Simeon and I took engagement pictures this week.
 I know FINALLY right?
But guess what that little bugger decided to do the weekend before we took over 500 pictures together?
Get injured at his job a bajillion times!

First, he comes to my place for dinner on Saturday, doesn't say anything. Just watches me run around the kitchen fixing him dinner and I turn to get a hug and see a HUGE bruise and gash on the side of his face! Someone went and got his face hit with a crow bar!

I freaked out and got an ice pack to help with the swelling and the bruising. I even made him put a band aid on his face because he was enjoying opening the wound cause it was just so "cool."

After a little bit of initial, "that is going to look wonderful in pictures." I started freaking out on how lucky we were that it only hit his cheek and didn't break his nose or give him a concussion. The wound was really very minor and nothing to worry about other than how the pictures will look.

So I got over that one pretty fast, but then I made the joke that he better take care of his hands for ring pictures and other little cute pictures that hands are in. . .

He came over after work on Sunday with little chunks missing from his hands.
No joke.

So I bandaged him up . . . again.

We did a little extra work on Monday during pictures to try to make all these little injuries be unnoticeable or hidden.

I'm really excited to see how these pictures turn out! We had a high school friend of ours take them for us, and I am really glad that she was so willing to help us!

Can't wait to show them off! :)

I'm Engaged.

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Written August 17th.

It's so weird to say sometimes.
It's real.
I have a ring on my finger.
He asked me in the most wonderful way.
I said yes.
Now I have a glittery binder full of wedding printables waiting to be filled.
I have 9 months until my wedding.
It's no longer a fantasy game.
This is the real deal.
In 9 months and just a few days, this guy sitting beside me in a fedora and watching League of Legends will be my husband.

I'm THE luckiest girl ever.

At the moment, it all still seems so far away. 
I haven't even started my Junior year of college, but a week or so after it ends, I'll be married.
I still have to go through endless amounts of tests, quizzes, and papers, just to be a little closer.
There will be Lifelight, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other little holiday still coming.
I know I will enjoy this season of being engaged,

But I can't wait to marry this boy.