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10 Signs You are a Crazy Puppy Lady

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So I haven't been as crazy puppy lady as I expected to be on this blog. Honestly, this blog hasn't reflected even half of how crazy puppy lady I am in person! So today I'm here to admit how honestly crazy puppy lady I am! And to tell you that you should start expecting more puppy related posts in the future!

So here we go, 10 signs that I'm a crazy puppy lady!

1|| Fox gets new things more than I do

I am constantly shopping for Fox. He gets new toys or treats at least once a week. Simeon and I picked our own bed in one hour long visit to a store. To write this blog post, I had to close a tab about fountain style dog waterers. 

2|| I talk too much about my dog

I don't think I talk about him too much but I see many other people's eyes glaze over when I start talking about him. :) But I'm with him all day. every day. And he is my baby and my world right now. 

3|| I call him my furbaby

I know there are plenty of people who don't believe in the whole furbaby thing. And I could voice my opinion about them, but I'll refrain. Especially since we have had Fox since he was just a little over 5 weeks, I feel like I have the right to call him my furbaby and have literally raised him through the puppy baby phase. I had to be the one to teach him biting manners and I correct him on how he interacts with other dogs. I was up with him throughout the nights when he was younger and make sure he potties in the right spot. I am his mom and he is my baby! :)

4|| I did weekly updates on my puppy.

5|| I just got busted with two different bones in my back pocket.

My sister thinks I am for sure a crazy puppy mommy. But I will say my excuse for having the bones was because Snickers finds all of Fox's bones that he hides and that he needs right now because he is teething. And he gets really upset when she has them so its best to just pick them up.

6|| I'm disappointed that Fox has swallowed or lost his teeth in the yard.

Not that I wanted to keep his baby teeth or anything, but I would have liked to at least have found one of his teeny tiny baby teeth. But nope. He still has his baby canines and molars so maybe I'll find one of those, but his baby front teeth have been gone and grown back already. 

7|| Fox has his own Instagram.

Seriously. I love it! If you don't follow him on Instagram, you probably should. Find him Here!


I can promise you that if you follow my Snapchat, you will see his face way more than mine. Like a 100 to 1 kind of ratio. So if you need a daily dose of Fox, you know where to find him!

9|| I get offended when someone doesn't like Fox

Like seriously. There was this guy at the dog park who thought Fox was gorgeous until I said he was part corgi. Then he stated that he absolutely hates corgis and shunned Fox the rest of his time at the dog park. Man, I hate that guy.

10|| I still carry him like a baby

I'm pretty sure that Fox is at the forty pound mark. Like 99.9% sure. But I still insist on carrying him around every once in a while and I think that he enjoys being picked up as he snuggles into my neck and stays in my lap after I sit down. It's adorable and I'll probably do it as long as he lets me get away with it!

Fox Bentley Gilbert

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So most of my Friday plans just went out the window. But right now I'm COMPLETELY ok with that! 

For today, I'm trading in lighting equipment for chew toys and blog post writing for cuddles and lots  and lots potty breaks.

Yesterday, we went out to the farm to see a litter of puppies with just the plans of selecting one and walking away. They were a little young to be thinking about taking them home yet and my plan was just plain to work on bringing Simeon around to even picking our little boy up in March!!

Then Amanda (the woman with the puppies that I have been talking to for two weeks) said the magic words. She informed us that mom was struggling to keep milk coming for these little guys and honestly, all parties wanted them out the door ASAP.  The mom was tired of them (obvious by the fight to keep her in the horse stall with the puppies). The owners hadn't really wanted  puppies in the first place. Amanda wanted her stall back (she runs a boarding service!). And honestly, the second Simeon saw the puppies, he wanted to bring his little puppy home!

As I debated if I would actually be ok with taking my little guy home at 5 weeks and 2 days, Simeon and I went around getting to know all the little guys (the only little girl was spoken for already). 

Simeon was obviously a big hit with the puppies (And you may only count four, but I promise you all six were in his lap at one point and sleeping!). And even though he has been slightly meh until we actually got to see them, he had way too much with them all. And momentarily debated just bringing all six home when this happened. (Fox is the one on top who is very opposed to Simeon cuddling with the others. )

I knew that Fox was our puppy right off the bat. He walked right up to Simeon and whined to be held and then promptly fell asleep in his arms. Then when Simeon handed him over, he stayed cuddled with me for the next half hour while other puppies went around playing with us or sometimes not even looking at us. And his little blue eyes. I fell hard for those little blue eyes.

So then we had to make the decision if we were gonna hold of and have the chance that we had to select a different puppy, or just bring him home right then. And I was torn. I've worked in a vet clinic and was pre-vet for a while so I know how important it is for a puppy to stay with mom as long as possible to nurse. So it wasn't really until after i watched mom interact with the puppies some more that I felt ok with trying to convince Simeon to bring him home. Mam, while loving, was only able to nurse her pups for only a minute, before she had to pull away and had hungry little pups following her around the stall, which she then couldn't escape fast enough.

So then I just had to convince Simeon. Which took forever. And him snuggling little Fox, who I then started calling our Fox. Then Simeon couldn't resist saying yes as well. He was just as in love as I was and would not hand Fox over!!

For having to spend two hours in the car, he was a little angel! Just cuddled and slept and played with Hazel in the backseat and slept a little more.

Then we got home and got our first little puppy bath to get rid of the horse barn and puppy pee smell that comes from living in a barn. :) Fox wasn't a giant fan of that! Oh the squeals! All the squeals!! Then he was shivering afterwards which made me super sad, so we used a hair drier on him and he fell right asleep. :)

The night was rough. Oh so rough. With tons of accidents and hard floors and whining puppies.

Hopefully, tonight will be better since we now have a little crate and decided to go with puppy pads. Even though I had promised myself that I wouldn't use them. The soft food we originally got isn't going well with his tummy and there is just no way to get him outside right now unless you are super on top of everything. Since he seems to like to potty every hour now, we aren't super on top of it all! 

But back to the crate thing. Look at that face. He loves his crate. I just hope that he loves it as much tonight as he does today!

And yes, he is a silly spoiled little puppy already. He has 4 chew bones, 3 plush&squeaky toys, a bunch of homemade ropes, a fluffy bed and blanket, and two very dotting parents to do all the spoiling. He's been cuddled and played with and well fed and praised to no end today!

oh, and we took him shopping with us!

Guys, I'm completely in love. Ok, I'm going to keep cuddling my little man while I work today.

Want to see more of Fox? He is starring in My Story on Snapchat (SabeyG) and now has his very own Instagram!!

Little Life Update

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Hey everyone!

If you made it over to the new site, congrats! :) I know I'm having some technical difficulties in the switch. But I hope to have them all figured out by the end of the week! :) The bloglovin' feed should be transferred soon and I will be going to past posts and fixing links to each post. Unfortunately I cannot fix all links to pintrest pins. :/  But if you would be ever so kind to repin any of my blog posts that you have loved or used in the past, that would be insanely fantastic. 

Now that all the boo things are done, I'll share some more exciting things!! And by exciting, I mean whats been going on in my life. :) I hope you don't mind a little journal post.

We left town on Thursday. We had a 6 hour car drive! Which we enjoy usually. Road trips are the best: we jam out, have deep conversation, and I get to take a nap. :) And we get all the best junk food. 

Friday was a few hours of homework and getting to sleep in at a hotel. Then we went out to one of the best BBQ places that I have every been too! It threw me for a loop at first when I discovered that the BBQ place with a rating of 9.7 and the best in Kansas City was actually based in a gas station!! A GAS STATION! And it had the parking and room to sit to prove it! Another thing that amazed me when we got there was the incredible line to order food! Seriously, this is a well loved BBQ place! The line was wrapped around all the way to the door and all the seating was taken. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que is no sit and chill place to eat but it has the best BBQ and fries I have ever tasted.

But seriously. The fries. I would travel 12 hours every day to get that BBQ and fries for dinner every day. If you are ever in Kansas City, you should really try it out! Maybe order out though. But it really is a great atmosphere so maybe you should just eat in! 

Then came Saturday, so while I was stuck in a hotel room transferring this blog all day, Simeon was off being a wonderful human being and winning 1st place for his physics post at a research conference!!  He was then able to be inducted into Sigma Xi, the hosts of the conference. Then he brought me Chick-fil-a for dinner as compensation for not having a car to be able to go anywhere fun. But it was for the best anyway as I got a ton of work done!

Sunday was a crazy day. We had to wake up extra early to check out of the hotel room before going to Simeon's induction ceremony. Then came my favorite part of the entire weekend! THE AQUARIUM! Yes, I am a child when it comes to zoos or aquariums! I run around squealing like a little girl. Ask Simeon, I keep him laughing the entire time. After we went through and has picked our trip souvenir, we went on to check out the World War I monument and museum in Kansas City. It was insanely informative as it not only shared American history but European history as well. And had a very well executed informational video with a trench scene built below you that was incredibly emotional.


Then it was time for another 6 hour trek! That was my weekend! What did you do?

Monday Morning Blues

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There are only 3 more Mondays (including today!) of this semester! Can you beleive that? I really can't. It is my FINAL Spring semester. This is my senior year and it is blurring past me foing faster than I would have imagined! I'm so excited to finally announce that I am officially graduating this Fall. It was up in the air for a little while because of my stuffles in Organic Chemistry. But since I was able to find a two-month course that would cover both semesters over the summer so I can finish this class an the last two  classes that I need this Fall to graduate.

It was sooo surreal to go to my final advising appointment and finalize these plans. It has felt like the end of college was coming so slowly and now it seems to be coming insanely fast. I am soo excited for it though and to move on with life after college.

I feel like this final time at SDSU is going to go ridiculously fast compared to the time I've already spent here. The weekends are gonna be chock full of crazy things with my sister's prom, graduation and everything else for finishing the semester. Then soon after finals week is me and Simeon's anniversery! And we are planning a short little vacation to celebrate our year together, a semester down, and take some time together before I'm driving back and forth for my class for two months.

I don't know if you guys have heard yet, but I recently finally got a smart phone and am able to share Instagram with you guys! I'm soo excited because Instagram is one of my favorite ways to follow bloggers and I can finally do it without feeling super creepy by just looking at them on my laptop.




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Learning to Relax

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I know I haven't been around the blog that often lately. I figured it was a good time to take a little break. I guess its a good time to take a break from extra things when your doctor tells you that you are so stressed that it is starting to make you sick every day and affect other things as well. I've missed it so much, but I just couldn't really figure out how to make everything work together and add blogging into the big jungle of Spring semester as well.

So I've been changing up my lifestyle to try to relax more and not let things get to me as much. I've been taking time out for me to read, watch shows, and take nice long bubble baths and chill.  I've read two books in the past three weeks which is something that hasn't happened in FOREVER!!!  I'm working out. Not as often as I would like but I'm getting better at it since we got a Wii U Fit. We also spent Spring break in the beautiful Colorado (pictures of that trip next week. . . maybe. It might take a few weeks since there are a ton of pictures and I wouldn't  want to bore you with them all in one week!)

I'm feeling so much better after all this so I'm excited to be getting back into the jive of blogging and hopefully getting some other things off the ground as well.

Thank you so much for the patience!

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