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Things I Learned in College: Distance Relationships I

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So this topic is going to be split in two since I have two different opinions on it.
That it isn't that bad.
and that it really sucks at the same time.

For part one, I'm going to begin with how it was awesome. :)

1| You have to be crazy creative for dates.
Yes, Simeon and I still had dates when we were 4 hours apart. It could be something as easy as a scheduled super long phone call, or as complicated as timing a TV show/Netflix exactly right on two different laptops. Distance puts the focus on anything, but the physical part of any relationship. There was no cuddling during movies, so instead we discussed them the whole time instead. There was no constantly being together, so instead there were long talks about our day and other deeper things instead.

2| You get to skype.
This was my favorite because I would take pictures of Simeon when he wasn't paying attention. Which is a lot of fun. :)

Isn't he adorable? :)

Back off ladies! He's all mine :)

3| Even though we have dated since high school, we got to grow as people separately, and not just into one lump of a person.

Totally made this in high school. I could probably find more pictures now to go with it!
4| We learned to value our time together so much more.
When you only get a few days or a few hours with a person at a time, you start to completely adore this time and want to spend every single second together, instead of growing tired of one another. While we now get to see each other daily, I still like to be able to sneak a moment with him when I'm at work and he is getting out of class, just to say hi. Because we can. :)

Games, Games, Games : LDR Fun :)

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As I have mentioned on my Long Distance Date Ideas, Simeon and I love to play games!
And I thought that I would share with you our most recent game that we came up with. Simeon is in love with big words. The kind that you don't hear often and can be rather snobby to say. In an effort to get me to learn some more, and for himself to show off his rather large vocabulary, he created a game with a point system. I'm super competitive so I go along with it just for the points so I can say that I'm "winning."

To be honest, I don't think either one of us even knows what our rankings are right now.

There are really no rules and the other person decides how many points are awarded forword.

It is really fun!!


I enjoy slightly cheating and looking up words to use for later.... but I also think that is what Simeon wanted me to do so I'm not super sure if I am cheating or not.

So I have a question for you guys....

Is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, when spelled correctly in a text and used in the proper sense of the word (it means fantastic), worth more than 2 points?

I thought so, but apparently Simeon doesn't!

FYI -  I am so going to use that word all the time now that I know it actually has a meaning! It kinda makes my life!

What do you think?

LDR Tip #6 - Don't Miss the Big Things

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One of the biggest things that I have realized in the past two years that Simeon and I have been apart is that it really, really, really (can I even say really enough?) sucks when you miss something important in the others lives, or when they aren't there with you for something of yours.

I've been on both sides of the spectrum, missing the soccer games when Simeon scores a goal, or him missing the Woman's Dinner my freshman year. (He somehow manages to only score when I can't make it to his games)

Since we both know how much it sucks to miss out on these things, we both try to get to them, even if it isn't the most convenient for us. Like me going to one of Simeon's soccer games, most of his Saturday games are ridiculously far away, or scheduled during an event that I can't miss, like my LEADSTATE retreat weekend. So while I haven't been able to make it to many of his games, the ones that I have been able to make it to always seem to be on a Tuesday. So luckily, his parents are willing to drive me out with them on a four hour drive to go cheer him on for 2 hours, spend another 2 or 3 hours hanging out with him, and then spend another 4 hours driving home, so I can be in my 8AM class on Wednesday.

As you can see, I enjoyed being completely decked out. I also enjoyed that Simeon's friends would also let me sit in the student's section with them and make sure that I didn't feel awkward. They are quite awesome! :)

I have also enjoyed being able to make it to the play Sound of Music that Simeon was in. This was over a weekend and I was sooo lucky that one of the girls he knew at school was so welcoming to let me stay in her room! Never met before but she was still super welcoming and I had a lot of fun hanging out with her!

Unfortunatly, not all of the big things that Simeon and I have had to go through are good. I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend that when he answered his phone at 7AM on a Friday before a soccer game to a girl crying, dropped everything and was holding me while I cried four hours later. My colorguard coach from high school had passed away at 4 from cancer that she had been battling for a few years. He had known it was coming and promised that he would be there for me when it did. While I didn't get to keep him for the wake and funeral the next week, it was still great to have someone to distract me through the first day of knowing that she was gone.

These are the things that I would have hated to miss or go through alone! Its bad enough that I miss a lot of the small things everyday like cheering Simeon up on a slightly rough day or watching an epic catch during ultimate frisbee with the guys, and trust me, sometimes I break down because I miss the small things. But I don't know if I could have ever made it through these last few years if I hadn't been able to share some of the big things that in our lives.

What's something you would hate to miss with your guy?

LDR Tip #5 - Long Distance Date Ideas

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Valentine's Day is tomorrow and Simeon and I are going to officially be 0 for 3 on Valentine's Days spent together.

It's lame. I know

Our first V-day, I was cheering a double header (who schedules a double header basketball game on Valentine's Day!) and got to see Simeon for a grand total of maybe an hour all day.

Last year, along with this year, Simeon will be in Omaha for school while I am freezing my tush off in South Dakota.

But, yes, we still will be having a V-Day date together!

We plan to get all dressed up, have a Skype dinner, watch Once Upon A Time, and then probably Skype some more.

We don't do anything too fancy, but its good to still spend time together. And don't worry, I've already made Simeon promise that next year, when he goes to school here, that he has no excuse but to have Valentine's Day with me. NO EXCUSE! :)

So Skyping isn't always that entertaining. It's good to do other things "together" as well. When in person, people aren't only just talking the entire time like long distance relationships seem to have to do. 

That's why Simeon and I try to have different things in our date arsenol that we pull out when conversations starts to go a little thin. 

We like to have a show that we both are obsessed with, such as Once Upon A Time, Arrow, and White Collar. This way we have something that we can talk about and still sit in silence watching the show "together." 

We use Hulu or Netflix so we can start together at the same time. Though having a time for a show on cable would work just as well :)

Simeon and I also can be slightly cheesy.
We LOVE Board Games!

Right now, we each have a Battleship board that we sometimes pull out so we can play against each other. It's a great way to ramp up the competition with each other. We LOVE kicking each others butts. . . though I do have to admit to not being the best strategist. 

There are also plenty of online games that you can play together.

Simeon would love if I would join League of Legends, but my laptop can't handle it or something. 

So have fun and be creative!!

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

LDR #4 - Making Gifts Count

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So Valentine's Day is coming up! 
I'm so excited to be celebrating my 3rd Valentine's Day with Simeon, though it is also the 3rd in a row that we have never been able to be together in person.
So I enjoy getting Simeon presents!
I also enjoy making his presents!

While this is a gift that I made Simeon for Christmas, it can also be a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day.
I made a 365 Reasons Why I Love You Jar.
I got the idea from Pintrest and put my own little spin on it by making it his favorite colors.

I started with a hot cocoa can and cleaned it out before I started mod podging the outside. I also used magazine clippings to decorate the back.

I then cut 365 strips of colorful paper to match the can. I kept some thin and some wide so I could write different length messages on them.

Next came the best part, coming up with 365 things to write.
I used stories, traits, inside jokes, and things that I really appretiated that he had done during the last few years that we have been together, and even a few from our friendship beforehand.

I wrote these on sheets of paper before I wrote them out, just in case i copied one on accident again at a later time.

This is the most time consuming part and it took me hours to write them all out, so make sure to plan ahead for this gift!!

I find that it's really important to give gifts that aren't just something the other can toss to the side and not really care about. Half the time, I don't get to see Simeon so it feels important that when he sees something that I gave him that he can know that I love him.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?