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June Goals

Sabra GilbertComment
Hey guys! Haven't writen to you in a while! I had a great wedding and already super miss my honeymoon! We had so much fun and enjoyed being able to relax for a few days before heading back into our crazy lives. Which it has been insanely crazy around here! I'm working and doing an internship for Bonde's Bouncin' B Acres (mini horses, people!!). We're still trying to finish unpacking and getting furnature. I am having a blast getting to stretch my interior designing skills. And if I may say, I feel like I'm doing pretty well! Simeon works a lot and I like to try to have things done by the time he gets home.

So goals went very well for May. Since they were so easy anyway! And so here I am to share my goals for June! I know I'm a little behind on the month, but I've been trying to work on these anyway!

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