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Why I'm Choosing Authenticity on Instagram

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In the last few months, I've been watching a lot of webinars and reading a lot of blog posts on Instagram. It's really a platform that I've grown to love and thought would be a great place to grow my blog! But I honestly didn't like a ton of the advice that I was getting, it just didn't sit well with me.

After trying a few techniques here and there, I started to realize why all this wonderful advice wasn't sitting well with me.


Why I'm Choosing Authenticity on Instagram || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

After trying a bunch of different strategies with my blog and Instagram, I started to realize that the only way I would truly continue to love coming to this space everyday and going to Instagram everyday was if I did it my way.

Reasons I Plan to Stay Authentic

1| I use my Instagram for my blog & my life, and my real life friends don't care for carefully posed photos five times a day.

2| Carefully posed photos 5 times a day take forever to photograph and a lot of energy.

3| Carefully curated photos would make my friends laugh because they have truly seen my apartment. As much as I love organizing, I have a husband. And I run my own business. All of this adds up to no time to really clean all the time.

4| Sometimes I just want to document my own life. Which isn't curated and isn't always beautiful objects. Sometimes it is puppies. Sometimes its the meal that I'm insanely proud of. And sometimes I just take photos of my feet because I didn't put make up on and my hair is in an insanely messy ponytail because it's also at the super awkward stage where it is too long to look cute down and too short to really fit in a ponytail.

5| I want to make friends with my readers. I want us to all become a community where you feel as open to share with me as I feel with you! So feel free to comment away on posts or Instagram photos because I am making a much bigger effort to be real and have conversations back!

I'd love to check out your Instagram! Please leave your handle in the comments below!

Friday Letters

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Dear iPhone, you are taking all of mine and Simeon's time. I think you and I need to set up some boundaries.
Dear 16 & Pregnant, why are you such an addicting tv show? I found you on Hulu and have been binge-watching ever since I heard about Teen Mom OG.
Dear School, I'm really ready for Summer to come right now. Even though two months of it are gonna be super hectic with a summer class an hour away everyday.
Dear Summer, This is our last time together in the sense of the word "summer" that I've had for my whole life. Let's try to make it the best!
Dear Simeon, thank you for being so wonderful.
Dear Blog Readers, Yes, you can go puke now. :) Also! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram!

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