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Graduation Shoot Inspiration Board

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One thing that has been really fun about getting MPD off the ground is getting to do fun photo shoots with my friends!! It helps me to really learn what works best for me before, during, and after each shoot!

I've usually just looked at few pictures on Pintrest and went into the shoot with little preparation, other than remembering to charge my battery.

While I still love using Pintrest to get inspired for a shoot, I've decided to start being even more pro-active with it and make an inspiration board with the images that I feel have the kind of look that I plan on going for in the shoot. None of these photos are mine, and can all be found on my Pintrest boards.

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Desk Inspiration

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I love nice & pretty, organized desks. They are wonderful. Unfortuantly. . . mine is not. The majority of the time anyway. If I had a bigger desk, I think that I could keep it more organized, but of course that will have to wait until I have a bigger place to keep a bigger desk. (hint, hint Simeon!) I adore desks that have a clear working space and plenty of storage space.

Here are some of my favorite examples!

I love this desk! It has a wonderful shape and storage access! When I do homework, I usually sit on the ground to do it because I love to spread out my book, notes, laptop and whatever else I need so that I can see everything all at once instead of flipping through when I need to. I adore corner desks!!

I love, love, love, love the the pictures under the desktop of this desk!

The organization of this desk and wall above it makes me drool. I absolutly adore it! The biggest problem that I have with my desk right now is that there just isn't enough room to display the things I need on a regular basis without cluttering up the area. I only have one magnetic board that needs to hold my schedule, branding boards & blog inspiration, yearly goals, and all of my school stuff along with the things that motivate me in my walk with Christ. Way too much responcibility for only one little magnet board and space!

Again, this is a desk that I could spread out on and I love it! I also like the idea of having plenty of storage in shelves and being able to fram my inspiration for these chelves as well instead of just using wall space. I also love the little pop of color on the top of the desk space. It's adorable! :D

Now this desk is still a little too cluttered for me around the wall area, but I love the idea of having fresh flowers on desks.It just makes everything more cheery when desk work usually means the opposite. I mean, its work right?

I would love to hear how you organize your desks, or even see pictures! It gives me so many ideas for how to improve my work space!

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