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How You Know Your Husband Loves You

Sabra GilbertComment
. . . He speed teaches you Statistics after you wait until there is only an hour until the online quiz is due.

. . . He deals with a messy house because you were too busy being a procrastinator

. . . He makes dinner 3 times a week even though he works until 9:30 because you are busy until 10 PM those nights (mostly because of chit chatting with the girls after study or NavNite)

. . . He caves into your wishes for pop, candy, and a lb of fresh bacon even though you said you were going to eat healthier this year.

. . . He just knows that blogging or photography will be brought up at least once every half hour of every conversation.

. . . He tries to not find it too weird when he discovers you researching semen shipping prices for random stallions . . even though you don't even have a mare yet. . . or space for a mare. . . you have a tiny 1 bedroom apartment.

. . . He lets you climb over him to get in and out of bed becuase you would kill yourself walking around the bed because there are 3 laundry baskets of folded clean clothes waiting to be put away.

Basically, my husband loves me even though I am a giant scatter-brain and suck at schedules sometimes. :D

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