You and Me & Chasing Little G

Hunter Hayes

Summer Photography

Sabra GilbertComment
Yesterday's post about why I can't wait for Summer made me realize how very much I miss summer!! I had soooo much fun last summer, learning how to ride and take care of horses, getting to see my new favorite singer, Hunter Hayes, in a free concert! (Though it always gets shadowed by the thoughts that I got engaged that night as well!) And then there were the wonderful trips to see and be with family.

Oh I can't wait for the adventures of this summer. When I'm jumping into another whole summer of firsts! I get to start the summer as a newlywed. Spend the summer in a brand new apartment with my brand new husband. Work with horses that are smaller than me! Get to be a part of a buisness that I'm beginning to think is the only thing for me. Hopefully, figure out how to trot. :)

Oh Summer. I can't wait!

My beautiful little sister! :) We pulled over on the side of the interstate because she INSISTED that she need flowers. Right now. They grow up so fast. :)