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Happy List

My Happy List

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I saw this post on a blog that I read and thought that it was am amazing idea. And with all the crazy negativity lately, jumping into a giant list of all the things that make me happy sounds like a wonderful way to really jump back into blogging! 

So here it is! My happy list!

Fox Bentley


Simeon <3

Chino the Chinchilla

Odette Swan

Christmas Trees!

My Family

Pretty Photos

Watching puppies go home to their owners

Bubble baths

Day Designer

Chinchilla instagram accounts

Puppy Instagram accounts

Puppy cuddles

When Chino sits in my lap

Watching Simeon play with our neice and nephew

A good book

Watching our little family grow into a zoo

Day Designer

An organized office

Watching Fox and Odette play together

Watching Fox and Chino start to get to know each other