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Why I Love Google Calendar

Sabra GilbertComment

Finishing college. Being married. Running a blog. Being a contributor on two other blogs. Running my own photography & design business. Figure out how to maximize social media. Trying to write a novel on top of that.

With all of these things that I have decided to throw into my life, keeping extremely organized with my schedule is a necessity. I have a day designer and absolutely love it, but it's mostly only a really big help on today's to do and seeing my daily schedule. To really get to see long term, I am obsessed with using Google Calendar. It has my everything!

So what do I use it for?

1| Major Due Dates

 this includes school, business, and budget important dates, like when a bill is due.

2| Editorial Calendar

  For my blog and the other blogs that I contribute on, I write out editorial calendars for all three, which on Google calendar I can see all at once to make sure that I'm not writing all about the same thing on three blogs in one day.

3| Compare Schedules with myself and my husband  

 I love that Simeon and I can share a calendar so we have both of our daily schedules put in one place that we can both manipulate and see.

While this sounds like a crazy amount of stuff to have in one calendar, the best part of Google Calendar is how It helps me keep it all organized.

1| Color Coded

 For every specific area of life, there is a different color that I use. Dark blue for blog. Red for Budget. Purple for Midnight Photography & Design. Pink for His Endless Love. Brown for A Pinch of Faith. Green for school and personal things. Teal for my Novel. It's a great system because I can see what is taking up most of my week in only a glance.

2| All Day Event

 I mark everything as an all day event and put the time as a note in the event. That way it is big and bold and easy to see. 

3| Hide Future Event

 When you need to focus on just one topic at a time, like writing blog posts, I like to hide all my other things so I don't loose focus.