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The Weekender Project || 22

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

It may be two weeks later, but I actually finished everything on my list! Laundry - Check! Living Room - Check! Take the Puppy on a million walks - Check, Check, a million times check!

So on to this weekend!

1|| Get back into blogging

As you guys have seen, I've been really lacking in the blogging department and honestly, I miss it like crazy! Now that Fox and I are figuring each other out, I'm hoping to jump back into blogging like crazy.

2|| FINALLY, try out my new lighting equipment

I'm not even kidding guys, it hasn't left the box it was delivered in. Ugh. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with it because I don't even think I could return it at this point! And I'm so nervous about pulling it out with a puppy. Fox might find himself in his pen a lot this weekend.

3|| Finish the blog redesign

Again, something that only requires a few finishing touches, but has been put on hold because of the crazy little furball. This weekend, it will get done!!


#WifeTalkWednesday: Creating Habits with Your Husband

Wife Talk WednesdaySabra GilbertComment

The beginning of every year is when people start to try to  create new habits to better their new year. Trying to change something about yourself can be hard to begin with but even worse if the one person who is beside you all the time isn't supporting you. Though it is a million times easier when that person isn't only supporting you, but doing it with you! 

Though, obviously, you have to choose habits that your husband is interested in as well! This can be something extremely fun to brainstorm with your husband and can cover a plethora of things. Though sometimes there are so many options that you don't know where to start, so let me give you a few ideas!

#WifeTalkWednesday: Creating Habits with Your Husband

5 Habits to Start with Your Husband

1|| Daily Devotions Together

2|| Quit Soda & Over-snacking

3|| Work Out Together

4|| Read more

5||  Being Present & Turning off Phones

I truly believe that the best way to start creating a habit with your husband is to start with with a goal that both you and your husband are excited to get started. And one that you both see the benefits to start. If only one of you is excited and the other person is kind of hesitant, then it isn't going to be as strong commitment for both of you. 

Then you have to find a way to keep yourselves accountable for whatever goal you are both trying to reach. You can make it a competition: who can reach the highest step count each day, who can reach their water goal the most in a week (did you know that reaching water goals is really really really hard?). You can do the activity together: both picking the same reading time (like right before bed), working out together, or putting both of your phones in the same basket during a set time. You could also print out calendars and mark which days you remember to do something or what your goal is for each day.

Other than keeping each other accountable, you also have to find ways to celebrate when you hit certain points in reaching your goals! Maybe after a really good week of hitting water goals or meeting a weight goal, you can go get a celebratory ice cream cone. Finish a good book, reward yourself with going and buying a new book, or surprising your husband with a giftcard when he finishes his (the only way I can get Simeon anything is through gift cards! The money has to be already spent and very directed! :))


2016 Word of the Year: Geronimo

LIfe, MarriageSabra GilbertComment

Well, that was a much longer break than I was expecting to take! If you have been following me on Instagram, or Snapchat (SabeyG), you saw that I spent an extended time with family & then my husband surprised me with a day long date when I got home! So my first day home & working is today, Tuesday, and it's already January 5th. Wow. Not what I was planning about a week ago. 

So instead of spreading out a few posts about my goals, word/song, and plans for 2016, I'm gonna shove it all into one giant super post. I hope you can make it through with me! :) If not, I guess that is ok too :P

So first off, for the last two years, I've picked a theme song and a word from that theme song to encompass my plans for the year. (2015 || 2014) It really took a few weeks to figure out which song was going to by my main 2016 song, I was really torn between Fight Song and Geronimo. But after really realizing what this year was going to be like, I couldn't see any other song being more fitting for my 2016 than Geronimo.

Geronimo is a way to express excitement while doing something adventurous.

2016 is honestly terrifying me at the moment, so I'm really hoping that by using such an adventurous and positive word, that I'll start to relax and realize what a great oppertunity all of this really is! I want to approach this crazy year with as much hope and positive feelings as I can muster!

I'm jumping out of my comfort zone and into a place that I have no idea where I am or what to expect (just like the Geronimo crew that my brother wants to join! But that's another blog post!).

And of course the song that goes with it is Geronimo by Sheppard. Which is a fantastic song and will be at the top of my 2016 playlist! (2015 || 2014) Every year I start a new playlist that I add every song that I fall in love with or that is a blast from the past randomly that I need. So its a mix of the new and the old, but in one way or another explains how I've felt throughout the year!

Now onto my new goals!


1| Change up my Branding - I had originally thought that I wanted to take this blog into more of a business type direction, and then I burned out in like 5 seconds! And honestly, I think I need to go the exact opposite direction! I want to get down and dirty with you guys and be insanely real with you. 

2| Double my Following - Of course, to really know if I am growing, I have to know my numbers. It isn't something I like to zone in on, but it's how I have to check myself. 600 is my goal number. :)

3| Create a Newsletter - This is something that I'm really hoping to turn into a passion project. I want to send weekly encouragement DIRECTLY to you! So be on the lookout for encouragement directly in your inbox in the next few weeks.

Are you as excited as I am about it? Enter your email here!


1| Work out 4x a Week - My health is something that I really want to bring more into my focus in the next year. I want to drop the college weight and stay healthy!

2| Recommit my time & self to Christ - I think it is easy when chasing your dreams to let something that you thought was super secure fall to the wayside. 

3| Be Ready to Pick & Explore a New Home - I think the craziest thing about this year is that we don't know where we are moving right now, but we know we are moving. The super planner in me if freaking out about it just a little bit, but I'm hoping that I'll get excited and ready to adventure the unknown!


1| Book 30 Blog Designs - I'm two down already! And it is going so well! I'm currently changing up my prices and packages to give affordable and more advanced options. If you are looking for a design in the new year, don't hesitate to email me

2| Transition my photography business from South Dakota to . . . - One thing that I'm insanely nervous about is that my photography part of MPD will falter because of the move. I've haven't fully established myself here, and then I have to pick up and move it all out to some random place that is unknown right now.

3| Buy a new lens & some indoor photography equipment - One thing that Simeon and I really want in a new place is a second bedroom that can be my office & studio space! I'm really excited about it!


1| Weekly Couples Devotion - I am on the search for the perfect couples devotional! We have one from our wedding still and I'm really looking forward to starting it with Simeon!

2| Increase our Savings - With student loans and a giant move around the corner, we have been tightening our budget to save up for moving costs and to make sure we can pay for my student loans.

3| Prepare our Hearts for the Move - One thing that I'm worried about is that the move and Simeon starting grad school is going to interfer with our time together. That we are going to get too stressed out and too little time to get to spend together. I want to make sure that we are prepared to remain focused on each other and to work to keep each other our priorities.

101 in 1001: Final Stretch Update

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Wow. I can't believe that I'm only 5 days away from seeing the deadline of my 101 in 1001 list. Oh, how I've grown and changed in the last 996 days. It's really crazy. When I started this list on January 1st, 2013, I had no idea where it would actually lead me. How some of these things would become impossible, but I would achieve so much more than what this list had planned for me. There were things that I thought were guaranteed to happen that didn't and things that I didn't think would actually happen that did.There were also some crazy things that I wish I had done, but never really made the time to do with other goals coming into my life.

You can go check out the entire list here, but for now I'm going to share with you some of my greatest triumphs, the things I wish I had made time for, and the things that were just never to be.

Greatest Triumphs

- Getting to 50 Followers on Becoming A Gilbert
- Reaching 200 Posts
- Reaching 400 Posts
- Getting 100 Followers on Becoming A Gilbert
-Being a bible study leader
- Buying my first car
- Decorating for Christmas with my Husband
- Learn to Ride a Horse
- Visit my Grandparents in Colorado
- Get Married

The Things I Wish I Had Made Time For

- Month long Photo Challenge
- Get 2 Semesters of straight A's
- Work out every day for a month
- Complete a High School Scrapbook
- Complete a College Scrapbook
- Compete 5 DIY crafts from Pintrest
- Memorize 50 verses
- Read the Entire Bible

Never Meant To Be

- Getting 2 semesters (in a row) of straight A's
- Becoming an Officer of a Club
- Create a College Management Binder (Well I sorta did that when I collaborated with a blog that I loved)
- Be a part of 2 research projects on campus
- Graduate
- Get my first real job
- Get a personal tattoo
- Do the color run in Omaha
- Make my own Pajama pants

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Weekender Project |2

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Guys!! I did really well this time!! A two and a half out of three were accomplished!! I tidied up our living room and bedroom enough that it looks a million times cleaner than it has all summer long!! It isn't perfect but it is very livable! So it makes me feel a lot less stressed and better about the beginning of the semester.

We will also be starting September with a shiny, brand-new, color-coded budget that is set until the end of the year and we will see how it works. I'm really hoping that it works for us because these next few months are going to be tight unless my plans go the way I'm hoping that they will.But we will have to see what God has in His hands for Simeon and I, if we will have to learn to tighten the belt, or if He will bless us with the means to not worry too much about money.

Another thing I did was start using Google Calendar for everything. My editorial calendar for this blog and my posts on A Pinch of Faith and His Endless Love. Along with Webinars that I plan to watch, my class and my work schedule. I'm also trying to come up with a plan for Instagram so that I can use it more and more as a tool, but also have fun with it.

Here is a little sneak peek of my Weekender Wins! I will be sharing more about my budget and calendar style once I make sure it works, so far this past week has been wonderful with the new calendar and I'm really thinking this budget is going to work wonders!!

Now for this weekend's goals!!

1| Start looking at new fonts & colors for Becoming A Gilbert - So I've been thinking about redecorating around here for a while now anyway. And then I got a new laptop, went to make the above graphic and noticed that the font that I had formerly been using  was no longer a free font to get and that the price is just a little out of my price range at the moment. As you may see, my blog gets budgeted in every month but it doesn't get a very big allowance. It's enough to cover a few ad spaces here and there, but I have to be pretty crafty with it. It also covers any giveaways that I enter. If I weren't already having to tighten up on our budget, I would probably just buy it. But with a tight budget and a wish to change everything up anyway, I might as well save my money for something that I love instead.

2| Fill out September's Editorial Calendar

3| Finish editing some photos for the blog

4| Finalize prices for MPD

What are you looking forward to using the Weekend for?

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