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Gaelic Storm

Iowa Irishfest 2015

Sabra GilbertComment
Wanna know something crazy? When you suddenly realize that you have been going to an event for five years. And said event only became a tradition AFTER you graduated high school. That's a long time people!! This year marked the fifth time that Simeon and I packed up and road tripped to Waterloo, Iowa for a Iowa Irishfest to see one of our favorite bands, Gaelic Storm, and venture out to see and meet new ones!

Lindy and I on the first day of Irishfest!! Notice anything different between this picture and my About Me pic? I chopped my hair off! And dyed it! But honestly, I'm just waiting for it to grow back at this point. which is going to take forever.

I think that one of my favorite things to do every year is to photograph the bands! I was super excited to actually have a nice camera this year to get some wonderful photos. And I actually did most of them in manual too! Which was a first for me and extremely exciting! I'll have to keep working on it and the night concert photos didn't come out the best, but I'm hoping to improve on that before next year!

Above is some Gaelic Storm photos as I've only just started to edit the million and one pictures that I took. :)

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