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Engagement Photos

Why We Work

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We work because we are both incredibly nerdy. As in plant ourselves in front of the computer and watch Doctor Who, League of Legends, or Avatar. All Day. Any Day.

We work because neither of us can focus on something for too long in seriousness. We have to goof off or make faces at each other or something.

We work because we understand when the other needs to be lazy and then be super nice and take care of stuff for them.

We work because we literally think the exact same thing sometimes. Example: (me thinking in my head) 'hmmm if we are almost done with New Doctor Who, then we should watch Classic Doctor Who next!' (Simeon out loud) "Wanna watch Classic Doctor Who after we are done with this season?"

We work because cuddles are the best in both of our opinions.

We work because I can cook an awesome dinner, and he can fix my car.

We work because we both have the same alarm tone and both dispise the sound of it going off.

We work because we love to surprise each other.

We work because we are passionate. About each other and things that are in our lives.

We work because we learn and grow in our faith together.

We work because Simeon remebers everything that I love and surprises me with it.

We work because I make him brownies on rough days.

We work because he can explain physics to me and I can educate him on horses.

We work because we are each others best friend.

Wedding Wednesday: Engagment Photobook

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So when I bought my dress, David's Bridal is so kind as to give brides a packet of deals and free things. One of the cards was a promo code for $54.99 off of a Shutterfly Photobook. But of course it also had an expiration date in November. So no wedding photobook discount for me!

But instead, I used the discount to make a pretty epic Engagement Photobook.

The process is a lot of fun and is very easy. You pick your theme and then upload all of the pictures that you think you may use. Then you start to design the book with a combination of premade pages and things that you can create by yourself.

I love it! Even though I won't be getting it for free, I am positive that I'm going to make another one for my wedding day! It was soo easy to make and I love looking at it!

The one that I have is a 12 x 12, which I didn't realize would be so big! But I will probably be getting the rest of my photo books in this size as well!

It's slightly an addictive process. I feel bad for Simeon, because now that I have gotten a taste of Shutterfly, I am in love with it and just want to make everything and have it all! :)

These opinions are all my own and I was not compinsated by Shutterfly for stating them.

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos 2

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So my roomie, Lindy, took some more fall pictures for us before our engagement part a few weeks ago. (during which I was a bad blogger and did not get any pictures!)

The sun was setting. Lindy curled my hair (and somehow got it to stay in which I can never do).
Simeon and I had a lot of fun.


I can't wait to marry that goofball! :D

Monthly Goals

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These were my goals for October. I actually did very well on them! I was quite excited.

1| Pick out a Florist.
2| Have a blast at our Engagement Party.
3| Finish my Bridesmaid's folders.

4| Work on organizing my Wedding Binder.
5| Have some engagement pictures taken.

Now on to November!

1| Send out Pictures to be designed for invitations.

2| Make an engagement photobook.

3| Make sure all bridesmaids have ordered their dresses.

4| Put a deposit down for the Photographer.

5| Post 3 Wedding Wednesdays this month.

6| Finalize guest list and get addresses.

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos, Fo Realz

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So better than never right? :D

These pictures have totally just made my week so much better. And its been a rough week!
So more on that later.

For now, enjoy Ally's wonderful awesomeness that she made out of Simeon's and my Goofy-ness.

And My ULTIMATE favorite

So what do you guys think? :)