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Cloth Diaper Adventures: 8 Months In

Cloth DiaperSabra GilbertComment

Guys! I LOVE cloth diapering! Yes, after 8ish months of using them, I can still say that!


Hello, I’m Sabra and I’m a cloth diaper fanatic.


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I knew pretty early on that we needed to cloth diaper. There was just going to be no way we could afford disposable diapers (especially the brands that I wanted to use!) full time while Simeon was in school and I was working at the shelter. (Oh, have you noticed that I quit? More on that later!!) Our budgets were tight and use and throw things just weren’t going to be doable for us.

Simeon was pretty opposed at first. And then he did the math. He literally sat on our bed with a pen and paper, googled how many diapers babies go through at different stages, how much it would cost for us to buy the diapers that I wanted (Babyganics or Honest company), and figured out how much that would cost for the next two years. Then we figured out how many diapers are estimated for use a day, figured out how many we wanted in our stash, and did the math there.

You literally save thousands. And he quickly jumped on board.

But I think I will go over all the reasons I love cloth in another post. I’ll stick to an honest review and what it looks like going through the different baby stages with cloth diapers.



This was the stage that I was most nervous to use cloth diapers in. Newborn babies poop, a lot. And I was worried about how to clean them at this stage as we still didn’t have a sprayer either. But Simeon was excited to get going and after getting the majority of our diapers second hand, we had some newborn sizes that were great to use!

So we dived into using cloth diapers when Gemma was 2 weeks old. And we haven’t looked back!

Since we had a smaller stash that fit while newborn, we still used disposables when leaving the house (but even using them 50% of the time saves you tons of money!). It was also interesting trying to figure out which diapers would work for this stage since Gemma was so tiny. (By tiny I mean still over 9 lbs but a slow gainer.) So we had lots of leaking during this stage figuring out which diapers fit right and lots of nights researching how to tell if a fit was right. Save yourself a moment and save this pin. It was a lifesaver!

And then in all my cloth diaper Pinteresting, I came across the knowledge that I didn’t have to worry about poop when a baby is 100% breastfed only. Because breast milk is 100% water soluble! Meaning you can just throw those stinky diapers in the wash without them building up in the bathroom because no one wants to spray a diaper when the baby is also now hungry cause she emptied her tummy of poo. All over your wall. Because she was explosive like that (and trust me, the look on Simeon’s face was hilarious!)

Which made cloth diapering pretty easy now. We were on a great every other day schedule after going and getting some more diapers.

Starting Daycare


So we decided not to ask our daycare to cloth diaper. We figured it would just be easier on them and us! Trying to make sure that Gemma had the right amount of diapers everyday and that we still had enough of a stash at home seemed terrifying. And with Gemma only going to daycare 3 days a week, it just made sense for us.

Honestly, this whole before solid foods stage was so easy for us. It was use them, wash every other day, prep them, and use them again. I also decided that while we were using cloth diapers, might as well use cloth wipes too! So we got some of them. And it was a dream!

We even started using cloth diapers outside of the house! We would put one or two clean diapers in a small wet bag on the go, and just swap them out when she needed a diaper change! The only thing that I had to remember is that you do have to change cloth diapers more often than disposable diapers due to them not holding as much liquid. But that’s better for their bum anyway!

Starting Solid Foods (6 Month Mark)


This was when cloth diapering started getting a little scary. Suddenly, we had to deal with solid food poop. Which means remembering to spray them down before they go in the wash. And that has complicated our routine. We tried using biodegradable liners that we could throw in the trash. But they always seem to move  before she actually poops or we forget to place the liner and she chooses to poop that time. So we ended up spraying anyway. And I will admit that sometimes a diaper or two line up in the bathroom before they get sprayed for one reason or another.

Other than the poop part, we are still in love with cloth diapering! Making sure that the diaper is tucked in correctly in her thighs has turned into a big thing too since she is now crazy on the move and if the diaper isn’t correct, it makes a wet mess all over her cute outfits. And since I’m home now, we’re almost 100% full time cloth diapering!

Sometimes if we fall behind on the wash (coughcoughleaveitinthewasherandforgetaboutitcough) or are going out of town for the weekend and won’t have access to a washer, we still use disposable diapers. But we have never had to buy our own. We are still using a disposable diaper stash that was gifted to us or that we got on sale while I was pregnant. We’ve actually donated and sold a few unused boxes in sizes that Gemma no longer fits!