You and Me & Chasing Little G

Demi Lovato


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I can stay out of most debates that happen on Facebook and Blogland, but for some reason, hashtags just seem to get me every time and the stupidest little thing will just set me off to make a little rant for you guys.


Haha like my little joke? No? oh, OK moving on!

So the latest hashtag to catch my attention and irritate me is #unwrapmycosmo. Apparently, there are people on the cover of cosmo magazine that have an issue when stores or news stands put these magazines in the little seal able baggies or with a censored cover to block out some of the more outrageous things that Cosmo likes to put in and on its magazine.

Honestly, I wish more stores would put covers on this magazine and any other magazine that wants to put SEX in giant capital letters and have skimpily dressed ladies on the front.

Not because it personally bothers me.

But because it bothers my husband.

I truly feel sorry for Christian men in this culture. Sex and sexuality is thrown at them from all sides anymore. It's the non-Christian coworkers who constantly think it is fine to talk about their weekend "adventures" at work. It's the pop ups on basically any website. It's the magazines that are in front of every single check out. It's the decals that people think are fine to display on their cars. It's the posters of bikini clad ladies mixed in with the Doctor Who posters at Walmart. It's trying to go to the beach. Sex is everywhere and I really think that our culture would be benefited from not making it so accessible to men.

Not because he can't just look away from these covers.

But because most of the time these magazines are placed at just the perfect height for little children to see and read.

And honestly, I am disgusted with how young our culture has decided to allow our children to start seeing these things. I know that my children will barely be able to escape it all. It's plastered all over our TV, magazines, books, and the Internet. And I just know that no matter how hard I try to give my future family a modest, censored environment, it is going to be impossible to not expose my three year old to the word sex, for my future son to not grow up thinking that seeing a girls upper thighs, cleavage, and midriff is anything but normal, for my future daughter to think that sex before marriage normal and that the way her parents went about waiting to be weird.

It saddens me when people think to embrace sexuality is to bare skin and ourselves at all times to all people. Or that people think that I'm ashamed of my sexuality because I believe in modesty. Trust me people, I handle my sexuality just fine, I just believe that showing it off is best if it is only for my husband and no one else to see. I believe that there are ways to feel sexy without baring it all to people.

So, Demi Lovato, I understand that maybe this cover on this prestigious magazine made you feel "incredibly empowered and the MOST beautiful" you've ever felt, but does it really need to be seen by my two year old niece? Is that the message that you would want her to learn? For your own two year old niece or daughter to learn? That to feel this way she needs to be in a little cut out dress on a magazine full of sex tips?

I know it isn't what I want her to learn, or any of my future daughters to learn. I want my daughters to know that they can feel confident and beautiful any second of the day. That they don't need to be reduced to sex objects for men to feel wonderful. And that when the time comes, the right man will make her feel wonderful, beautiful, and sexy no matter what she is wearing or if her make-up is done.

So please #WrapCosmo.

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